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Impact of Internal Factors on Strategic Planning - Essay Example

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This organization offers immediate response and medical relief as well support healthcare initiative to all citizens in the US and across the…
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Impact of Internal Factors on Strategic Planning
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Extract of sample "Impact of Internal Factors on Strategic Planning"

Impact of Internal Factors on Strategic Planning Lecturer: Impact of Internal Factors on Strategic Planning AmeriCares association is a nonprofit organization dealing with disaster and humanitarian relief within America and across the globe. This organization offers immediate response and medical relief as well support healthcare initiative to all citizens in the US and across the globe. AmeriCares were established in 1975 in the United States after the crash that led to the death of Vietnamese orphans who were travelling on a US jet. However, AmeriCares has their offices in many countries and numerous branches across the globe. After the crash incidence, Robert Macauley decided to rescue victims who survived during the crash and he started dealing with the mission of helping the victim, but he had to deal with the financial issues. The mission of starting the organization of providing disaster and other emergency relief took the stage. Therefore, with the help of Pope John Paul and financial aid from other people; the organization started operating in 1982. The mission of the organization is to restore health, save lives and offer relief services through delivering effective medicines during disaster period or any other emergence cases within America and across the globe.
One of the key aspects of the AmeriCares in the internal environment is leadership aspects. Leadership is one of the effective aspects that are taken into consideration in the AmeriCares organization. The organization has varied leaders who are assigned different roles in a hierarchy manner. Marquis and Huston (2009) argue that leadership styles employed in an organization can impact organizational performance in case leaders does not take it into consideration. Different leaders employ leadership styles depending on the environment or leadership behaviors; hence, this might impact strategic planning in the organization (Harrison and Association of University Programs in Health Administration, 2010). AmeriCares association is an independent and fair organization; thus, it recruits leaders with effective skills for managing the company. Thus, leadership skills, behaviors and styles employed by each leader may hinder effective decision making process; thus impacting strategic planning process.
Another aspect is the organizational structure within the internal environment. The company is structured in a manner that enables leaders to make an effective decision process when handling significant issues. The flow of information is from the top management leaders to the bottom; thus, poor management and effective communication in the hierarchy may hamper effective strategic planning process. Leaders in the lower hierarchy are expected to pass information to the top management who are seen as the final decision makers. Therefore, any mismanagement and poor communication may impact effective strategic planning process in the organization.
Culture is another aspect that is taken into consideration in this organization. This is because the organization operates in other continents such as Asia, Europe and Asia among others. Culture is one of the significant aspects that can contribute to effective organization performance. However, it may impact the strategic planning process in an organization in case it is not well communicated. Wilson (2001) argues that understanding organization culture and its implication in the internal environment are indispensable. This is because it can enable the organization to employ effective strategies that can enable them to manage organization culture; thus achieving effective strategic management in an organization.
Lastly, internal process is also another aspect that hinders successful strategic planning process. Capon (2004) argues that understanding organizational context in which the company caries out their business is essential. The organization has varied internal process such as policy formulation and other aspects that govern them on the way they perform their business. However, this process should be well managed and organized in a manner that enables the organization to achieve their strategic objectives successfully (George and Jones, 2008).
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