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Customer Loyalty: Tourism Services Marketing Case - Essay Example

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This essay "Customer Loyalty: Tourism Services Marketing Case" describes factors of influence on the business promise to offer quality services and products to a consumer. Additionally, the paper reveals how firms can improve their services to increase their clients' satisfaction…
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Customer Loyalty: Tourism Services Marketing Case
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Extract of sample "Customer Loyalty: Tourism Services Marketing Case"

Download file to see previous pages Extensive research on the relationship between customer satisfaction and loyalty has indicated that satisfied customers do not always lead to loyal customers. Though it is true that customer satisfaction and customer loyalty are directly related, research has shown that the two are not always positive (Paul, Earl, 2011). Though good quality goods and services from a firm lead to high customer satisfaction. High customer satisfaction does not automatically increase consumer’s loyalty. Through practical experiments, customer satisfaction though has a role in determining the customer’s loyalty; it actually does not have a highly significant influence on the customer loyalty.
For example, when Stir tourism and travel internet marketing company offered services through social media like twitter, facebook book and YouTube tourism, many customers repeatedly looked upon the firm for all their tourism solutions, but with time, there rose another firm known as U.S travel and tourism export which offered similar services at a lower cost. Majority of customers, though satisfied with services they were getting from the former firm, shifted to the new firm services (Khan, 2012).
Research and practical experiment have found out that numerous efforts undertaken by different business firms to increase customers’ loyalty, through offering high quality services and products with a main objective of improving customer satisfaction have failed (Eduardo, Arturo, Jorge, 2008). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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