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Critical Issues: Written Assignment 6 - Coursework Example

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Accountability is a difficult issue because of different vested interests in non profit organizations. Most of the leaders in non- profit…
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Critical Issues: Written Assignment 6
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Accountability in non profit organization         Due Accountability in non profit organization One of the ways in which a non profit organization can handle difficult financial issues is to remain accountable in all it undertakings. Accountability is a difficult issue because of different vested interests in non profit organizations. Most of the leaders in non- profit organizations tend to focus on accountability only after scandals have occurred. However, it is imperative for them to develop accountability measures to prevent an occurrence that would damage its reputation, hinder its performance, and may affect funding. The most appropriate mechanisms available to the leaders of non profit making organizations are disclosure, self regulations, performance evaluation, adaptive learning, and participation.
Performance and assessment evaluation
Performance evaluation is an essential tool that can be utilized to ensure accountability on a continuous basis. Maintaining an optimal impact and assessment evaluation is useful if the leadership wants to know if the organization is achieving its financial goals, both in the present and future perspectives. In addition, performance and assessment evaluation offers a platform on which donors can assess whether the program goals and objectives of the non profit organizations have been met in order to fund it. This mechanism may be good for internal evaluation to ensure that members of staff and the administration adhere to the rules and regulations of the organization (Firstenberg, 2009).
Self regulation
These are regulations or codes of performance established by non profit networks. These codes were developed to clean the image of non profit organizations after a series of scandals that were based on exaggerated financial performance. Through self regulation, the leadership of non profit organization develops norms on the basis of quality and to ensure that they curb statutory restrictions that may affect the growth of non- profit organizations (Lindenberg &Bryant, 2001).
Adaptive learning
Through adaptive learning, non profit organizations develop regular openings for critical analysis and reflection to ensure that there is progress towards attaining organizational goals. This learning can be achieved through supportive leadership and supportive environment for learning. In addition, adaptive learning enables capacity building, critical analysis, enhances experimentation of modern issues and a platform for sharing information within the organization. Furthermore, adaptive learning encourages debate, dialogue and allocating resources for critical analysis and reflection (Firstenberg, 2009).
Participation ensures that information about finance and other activities are made available to the public. The public can access financial information through public meetings or formal dialogues about different project options. Participation may also involve the actual involvement of the public, donors and other relevant parties in managing the finances and financial strategies of non profit organizations (Firstenberg, 2009).
Disclosure of financial information is a very important accountability tool that can either build or destroy a non profit organization. Disclosure enables the clients, donors, members of public and regulatory agency to know and judge whether an organization is performing well. Disclosure should be true and fair to avoid drastic legal and ethical implications on the organization.
In conclusion, non profit organizations can remain viable and strong if they maintain high levels of accountability. Accountability can be achieved by the leadership of non profit organizations by promoting disclosures, self regulations, performance evaluations, adaptive learning, and participation.
Firstenberg, B. (2009). The 21st century nonprofit: Managing in the age of governance. New York:
Foundation Center.
Lindenberg, M. & Bryant,C. (2001). Going Global: Transforming Relief and Development
NGOs. Bloomfield, CT: Kumarian Press Read More
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