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Dissertation Topic - Essay Example

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Patients in nursing homes are present for a number of different reasons that might range from dementia to palliative care (Siegert, Gao,…
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Dissertation Topic
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Extract of sample "Dissertation Topic"

Quality of Care in Nursing Homes: Research Areas number Publish Introduction A large amount of research has emerged in recent years concerning the quality of care being delivered in nursing homes across the nation. Patients in nursing homes are present for a number of different reasons that might range from dementia to palliative care (Siegert, Gao, Halkey, & Higginson, 2010). Over the years, different models have been applied to nursing homes in order to discern their quality of care levels based on a number of factors such as social support, patient’s family involvement, intervention methods, ambience of nursing homes etc. (Luker, Austin, Caress, & Hallett, 2000). However, even with a large amount of research being directed at nursing homes’ quality of care, there is still scant research on the impacts of leadership style and organizational structure of nursing homes. This paper aims to propose two different research proposals in the areas mentioned above.
Research Topics
Topic One
Leadership has a tremendous impact on any organization being considered since organizational direction is settled by the senior management. The case of healthcare organizations is not very different. A number of different areas have been researched for quality of care in nursing homes but organizational leadership has not been investigated in detail (Pearson, Hocking, Mott, & Riggs, 1993). In this respect, the leadership style being practiced at the nursing home is of the paramount importance since it affects the patient’s well being and recovery directly. It is expected that the leadership style of the Director of Nursing as well as the leadership style of Director of Social Services have a large impact on the psycho-social well being of nursing home residents.
Research in this area can provide valuable information that can be implemented in a number of different healthcare settings in order to improve the overall well being and recovery of nursing home residents. A change in the leadership style essentially points to large changes in organizational direction such as being more accommodating to patients and their families.
Topic Two
Analogous to the research area proposed above, the organizational structure of any healthcare establishment is also of importance in determining the quality of care available to nursing home residents (Grabowski, Aschbrenner, Rome, & Bartels, 2010). Even with a large amount of research being pursued in relation to quality of care at nursing homes, there has been scant research in terms of the organizational structure and the underlying processes at nursing homes (Park, 2009) (Faulkner & Laschinger, 2008). It must be realized that organizational structure and the underlying process philosophies are of utmost importance since they tend to determine how well suited the patient care techniques are. For example, similar organizational structures cannot be applied in nursing homes that cater to dementia and to nursing homes that cater to old age people only (Martins, et al., 2009). Since each situation has its own demands, the organizational structures and its underlying philosophies must also support the overall organizational aims and objectives.
The organizational structure processes and their relation to overall quality of care for nursing home residents need to be investigated in order to improve current levels of well being and recovery at nursing homes.
Research in quality of care at nursing homes has taken into account a number of different factors over the years but the areas of leadership style and organizational structure processes have remained less investigated. It is essential to investigate the aforementioned areas in order to augment the current levels of well being and patient recovery in nursing homes across the nation.
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Dissertation Topic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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