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Undertaking the Analysis of a House and a Unit - Essay Example

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The unit has got a garage, one bathroom, and allows tenants to keep pets if need be. The unit was built in April 2012 and has been occupied by only one tenant. The…
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Undertaking the Analysis of a House and a Unit
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Extract of sample "Undertaking the Analysis of a House and a Unit"

Download file to see previous pages Clayton is located at the middle of Liverpool City Centre.
The house consists of three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and has got a garage and is pet friendly as the unit discussed above. The furniture is not sold together with the house and the person interested should incur extra costs to buy furniture or to pay for those which he or she will get in the house. Anyone wishing to rent the house should as well pay the house deposit together with the rent for the month of entry into the house. The house is spacious and comfortable and is close to the Clayton Station as it takes less than five minutes to reach the station from the house (Jeanette, 2012).
There are essentials which have to be considered when it comes to the inspection of a house or a unit that one may want to purchase or rent. Some of them are the details of how the house has been constructed or built, the coverings of the floor and the walls, and finally the convenience of the house setting. However, the process of inspection starts with inspecting the overall appearance of the house or the unit. This means that a person has to identify the location of the house, whether the location is strategic and safe. One has to look at the houses of similar or almost the same age so as to see the difference or the similarity that these houses have. This will help in determining the best kind of houses and that which is according to the standards that one wants to buy or rent from. The general inspection of the house will help the client come up with an idea of how they can be come up with ways of ensuring cleanliness and tidiness within and outside the house (Koulizos, 2012).
After the inspection has been done on the nature of the hose and the unit, the client would look at the exterior front of that particular house. This is done in order to have a complete view of the house on each face of that house. This will help in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Undertaking the Analysis of a House and a Unit Essay - 1.
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