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Final Exam Questions - Essay Example

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It is the process which helps in reducing the amount of waste products. Recycling, on the other hand, is the process in which used products are processed again in order to bring…
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Final Exam Essay Questions
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Extract of sample "Final Exam Questions"

Your full full December 13, Biodegradability and Recycling In Industrial Product Design Phase Biodegradability refers to the concept of decomposition of products into compounds found in nature. It is the process which helps in reducing the amount of waste products. Recycling, on the other hand, is the process in which used products are processed again in order to bring them in use for developing other products. According to Seelan, “recycling is a significant way to make positive changes in environmental issues as it saves the wastage of natural resources in a big way” (1). In industries, recycling is one of the main phases related to the process of product development. Recycling helps industries in two ways. First, it helps in making used products usable again and secondly, it helps in the development of new products using the raw material of the recycled used products.
Companies need raw material to develop new products. If the process of recycling is stopped for some time, it will affect the product manufacturing processes adversely because in nature, the availability ratio of these materials is already decreasing with every passing day. If recycling is stopped, the raw material will definitely end before time because raw material from recycled products covers a large percentage of the overall raw material being provided to the companies for product development. The process of recycling produces a number of benefits for companies and for the whole environment. Some of which include reduced waste, improved environment, reduced use of energy as recycling of products takes less energy than processing raw material, and reduced pollution.
In industrial product design phase, degradability and recycling of waste products help companies in reducing the cost of the product as they do not have to buy expensive raw material from suppliers which eventually increases the overall cost of the product. Recycling of products can help companies in increasing the level of production while decreasing the level of cost associated with product manufacturing. Along with decreasing the cost of product manufacturing, recycling also reduces the amount of energy required to design the products, as companies do not have to bring raw material from distant locations. Moreover, recycling also reduces the time required to manufacture products as companies do not have to arrange virgin materials from outside sources, rather they can use recycling to develop products which helps in reducing the overall duration of product manufacturing.
If we talk about the role of economic cost during design phase, we can say that economic cost plays a significant role right from the beginning of the product design phase until the end of the whole process. Recycling helps in preserving natural resources and cutting down the economic cost of product manufacturing. A company has to consider the economic cost of developing a product because if cost becomes higher than the profit that a product yields, it adversely affects the profitability index of the company instead of improving it. Therefore, we can say that economic cost plays a critical role in the product design phase because it is associated directly with the profitability level of a company.
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Seelan, Guna. “Significance of Recycling.”, 10 Jun. 2009. Web. 13 Dec. 2012. Read More
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Final Exam Essay Questions Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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