Assessing the impact of modular construction products and processes on the sustainability of the construction industry - Dissertation Example

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This study presents an attempt to examine the impact of modular construction and prefabrication on sustainability of the construction industry using a review of relevant literature, case studies from around the world and inferences drawn from secondary data available from the World Wide Web and published literature. …
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Assessing the impact of modular construction products and processes on the sustainability of the construction industry
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Download file to see previous pages re 3.3.1: Suggested Research Process for Construction Management Research 65 Figure 4.1: Stadthaus Apartments, the World’s Tallest Prefabricated Timber Structure standing Nine Stories High, Constructed in 27 Days 76 Figure 4.2: The Renault Centre, Swindon, England Presents an Example of Modular and Prefabricated Steel Architecture with High Level of Modularisation, Prefabrication and Judicious Use of High-Embodied Energy Materials for Superior Life Cycle Performance 77 List of Tables Table 2.1.1: Embodied Energy of Common Construction Materials 17 Table 2.1.2: Five Topical and Three Bonus Categories in the LEED v3 Sustainability Rating System 19 Table 2.1.3: Matrices for Assessment of Various Building Products Based on Various Attributes 20 Table 2.1.4: Core Indicators for Sustainability in a Building 24 Table A Comparison of Different Structural Schemes for Multi-Story Buildings in China and their Associated Construction Methods 46 Table 4.1: Housing Affordability in Various Countries 73 Table 4.2: Stakeholder Interest in Construction 74 Acknowledgements I would like to thank firstly GOD who has given me strength and wisdom to which has allowed me to complete this course successfully. Secondly I would like to thank my wife and family for all of their support and encouragements. Thirdly I would like to thank Mr. Willy Confait for his trust in me and his support during my studies. And fourthly I would like to thank Doctor David Moore for his most appreciated support, teachings and guidance to which has allowed me to complete my dissertation. Lastly but not least I would like to thank the University for the opportunity and also all of my teachers (Mr Gerard Buda, Mr Graham Castle, Mr Rod McLennan, Mr Paul Begg, Mr Bassam Bejeirmi, Mr Richard Laing, Mr Neil...
Results of the investigations suggest that there is overwhelming evidence to support the hypothesis that modular construction and prefabrication enhance sustainability of the construction industry. Considerations related to affordability of housing, the built environment and products of construction demand use of innovative designs that present judicious use of construction materials with modularisation and prefabrication. However, a need exists to collaborate to develop standardised modular systems for construction, standards for modular construction and flexible systems that enable flexible construction. It is important to note that deployment of highly flexible CAD / CAM systems for manufacturing of prefabricated, modular components is essential for manufacturing of high precision and flexible modular systems, and designers need to emphasise a life-cycle approach for incorporating sustainability, modularisation and prefabrication in designs for construction. Innovation in modular design for construction is all important because a judicious mix of materials for construction, including high embodied energy materials, such as steel, with other fourth-generation materials promises to deliver construction that is sustainable, aesthetically pleasing, comfortable for the users and suited to material reuse after dismantling at the end of its useful life. Thus, it makes sense for builders, architects and engineers to emphasise the use of modular components for construction by incorporating the modular in design and adding to the number of modular components used for various products of construction. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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