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Genocide as a part of international crimes - Essay Example

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That is perhaps the reason that pushed the international community to come up with measures that would curb such vices. The aftermath of such acts have left many wondering how inhuman a fellow human being can be…
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Genocide as a part of international crimes
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Extract of sample "Genocide as a part of international crimes"

Download file to see previous pages The act of genocide is believed to be a severe violation of humanity. Even though, it was assumed in the early days, there has been a need for the international community to rise up and condemn the inhuman act. The international community came up strongly in the 1990`s to condemn such an act. This was a fight that required brave souls to strongly come up with legal frameworks that would make certain such offenses do not recur in future. High penalties were imposed on any nation or an individual that violated humanity. However, a lot of challenges have ensured that such standards are not achieved to the latter.
Genocide is any act committed with intent to destroy part, national, ethnical, racial or religious group (Shaw, 2007). For instance, killing members of a particular group or causing both body and mental harm to a targeted group of people is also considered as an act of genocide. In most cases, the act is also accompanied by adding conditions that could physically affect them later. Such acts are deliberately done especially on grounds to suppress a particular group of individuals. Sometimes, enforcing measures that could prevent births within the group and transferring children of a group to another group using force could also be considered an act of genocide.
Normally, the government or regime is always assumed to be in control of the state that is committed to eliminate one or more groups for political purposes. Threats from outside interference are not present. The killing is headed by the military and paramilitary organized by the state. In most cases, the victims are in no position to literally defend themselves. In the real world, the government believes that, the group is normally a threat to the dominate society regardless of whether the victim group was a cohesive or even enjoyed coherent unity. The group’s identification was based on their perception of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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