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Myths and Narratives: The Origin of the Humanities - Research Paper Example

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It refers to the fiction-writing style in which the author is directly communicating with the reader. Stories are frequently a staple in all children’s bedtime…
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Myths and Narratives: The Origin of the Humanities
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover, stories may also provide moral teachings and such stories are known as fables (Coley III, 2012). The most renowned fables are those known as Aesop’s fables. To serve the purpose if this essay, the narrative I’ve selected is also Aesop’s fable known as the man, the Boy and the Donkey.
In this story the main characters are a miller, his son and his donkey. Once three of them were going towards market. While the three were moving, a man passed and immediately said the miller to make use of the donkey and ride it while going to market. The miller let his boy ride and again started his journey. But soon another man said while passing by that the boy is so lazy that he is riding instead of his poor father. So the miller gets off his son and starts riding. As they move ahead they pass along two women, who upon viewing the man riding started talking about the laziness of man while his little boy walks. In order to satisfy those ladies, the man takes his son up and lets him ride along. Till they reach the town, the passers-by start to jeer and pointing them. The man asks them the reason for pointing them and they say that the two of them are riding on the poor donkey and thus the man and his son get off the donkey and start pondering to what should be done that satisfies everyone. Then they decided to hang the donkey on a pole and the man and his son will carry it on the way to market. Upon being humiliated by the laughter of all everyone meeting them on their way they reach Market Bridge, where because of having its feet loose, the Donkey kicked out and made the miller’s son drop the pole from his end. While struggling, the Donkey fells into the river and since its fore-feet tied, it drowns (Jacobs, 1902).
For hundreds of centuries of human history, narratives and storytelling continues to be an important aspect of all types of human communities. Since the ancient times of palaeolithic hunter-gatherers ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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