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The jakrta post November 17 2012 - Citizens Boiling Over LPG - Case Study Example

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In this context, change refers to taking or using another instead of the current. Social changes should always influence the lives of citizens positively, the…
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The jakrta post November 17 2012 - Citizens Boiling Over LPG
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Extract of sample "The jakrta post November 17 2012 - Citizens Boiling Over LPG"

The Jakarta post – November 17 - Citizens Boiling over LPG It is human nature to resist change, fear of the unknown make people resist changes some of which are beneficial. In this context, change refers to taking or using another instead of the current. Social changes should always influence the lives of citizens positively, the possibility of a change being negative leads to the resistance. The originator of change should ensure that the subjects are adequately informed on the benefits and possible harms of the intended change. This way, they make the decisions to either accept or reject the change. Additionally, change should never be imposed on a group of people; this solicits negative reaction and resistance even if the change is overly advantageous.
The introduction of the liquefied petroleum gas was a good idea intended to face out the use of paraffin which had been determined a lot costlier and related to the spread of chronic diseases besides the extensive environmental pollution. The populace had adapted to the use of kerosene, they therefore never felt the alleged negative consequence. The use of a new technology is influenced by the availability of information, the absence of information results in a gap, a knowledge gap which further compel people to in ignorance (Crain 87).
People reaction is not only difficult to control but is also difficult to predict. Public opinions are formed and spread through the word of mouth which has proven through time to be very efficient. As the information moves further from the source, it becomes more biased thereby turning from the individual opinion into propaganda. In resistance to the introduction of the liquefied petroleum gas, the populace turned chaotic and took to the streets in protest. A crowd is more difficult to control, the crowd moves as a unified whole and makes decisions spontaneously. In the riots, security becomes a major concern as most of the rioters hurt themselves in the numerous accidents caused by the riots. The rioters are never perturbed with their concerns for security, these results in most rioters getting hurt with some losing their lives.
It is possible to change people’s behavior, however this requires time since is a slow progressive process that begins by persuading the brains to let go the previous faiths and introduce the new one. This requires practical experiments to back up the claims of the initiator of the change, practical experiments make the claims more realistic thereby convincing. Change threatens the status quo and may result in disruptions of the normal lives; the fear for the disruptions creates natural resistance. This implies that change is a mental state, it is formed and appreciated by the mind before the body is compelled likewise.
The introduction of liquefied petroleum gas was targeted at the poor who consequently spend more money at the kerosene pumps. Poverty is a vicious cycle that sustains itself, the poor lack money to take their children to school, they therefore grow up to perpetuate the poverty. Lack of education makes the brain unexposed, such people therefore hold onto the conventional ways of doing things, they resist change and will always be ready to take to the streets in riots to resist change some of which are formulated to elevate their poverty. Initiating change on such a people is a multi-staged process that begins with reversing their mindsets. This group is volatile and changing their minds alone does not achieve success, the initiator of change must accompany his perception change with some material benefits (Crain 87).
Work cited
Crain, William. Theories of Development: Concepts and Applications (6th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc, 2011. Print. Read More
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