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Information Technology Management transformation - Research Paper Example

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It has four business groups that generate 23.6 US billion dollars annually, since 2006, and they include primary metal, packaging, engineered products, and bauxite and…
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Information Technology Management transformation
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Extract of sample "Information Technology Management transformation"

Download file to see previous pages This scenario has challenged Alcan’s senior management team to offer greater priority in the field of IT by deciding to create a position of Vice president in the company. This has, therefore, provided me an opportunity to join the Alcan Company as the CIO of the Corporate Information Technologies. As an engineer and IT consultant, I have trained and gained experience, for about forty years, in the Company hence giving me a better position to coordinate the company.
According to my 2006 analysis on Alcan Company, I realized that it used IT management model which had a number of strength. For instance, it created and sold a variety of products such bauxite, sheet ingot, smelter grade alumina, wire ingot, beverage can sheet, extrusion billet, aluminum recycling services, automobile iron, flexible and specialist packaging, and fabricated products such as cable and wire. The model was also vertically integrated just like other key players found in its sector. It owed seven alumina refineries and specialist alumina plants, eight mines and deposits, 26 aluminum smelters, 17 laminated product plants, a transport network such as port and rail facilities, 12 electric power plants, 180 packaging material plants, and 49 engineered product plants.
Alcan’s IT management model also had five groups with corresponding responsibilities. The first group dealt with development of corporate application which included fourteen resources divided among Paris, Montreal, Zurich, and Singen. The second group dealt with architecture and consisted of 3 resources with highly technical skills that corresponded to those of shared infrastructure and planning groups. The third group was responsible of finding solutions to information system. It was made up of sixty resources distributed among 5 different cities: Paris, Warmley, Issoire, Voreppe, and Neuf Brisach. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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