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Improvement of the Transportation System in the Olympic Games - Essay Example

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The author of this essay "Improvement of the Transportation System in the Olympic Games" states that John Davis emphasised Information Technology will be used in the preparation and management of the 2012 Olympic Games. The London Games is grounded on three concepts of History, Legacy, and Tradition…
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Improvement of the Transportation System in the Olympic Games
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Download file to see previous pages Information technology is used to coordinate all parties affected by the London Olympics. The Olympic committee can use information technology to contact the suppliers. The suppliers will comply with the Olympic committee’s instructions to do their best to supply all the Olympic games’ needs prior to the games. The Olympic Committee contacts all the participating countries to iron out any problems that will prevent the smooth arrival of the athletes, coaches, and other officials representing many countries around the world. The Olympic Committee contacts all referees and other officers who are tasks to ensure the Olympic Games will start as scheduled, with flying colours. Information technology improves the time used and the clarity of the message to ensure the games will begin on time and as scheduled.
In terms of information technology, Helen Margetts emphasized “any consumer of newspapers, television, even of government documentation would know more about the potential for information technology in government than the reality. The most futurist developments are the most newsworthy. In America and in Britain publications called Government Computer News and Government Computing pump out stories of the latest developments and profiles of entrepreneurial systems managers.” The process may be hard too guess from which publication that the UK Foreign Office, as well as Treasury, still uses telegrams. There were several linkages by electronic mail connecting the different United Kingdom departments. Consequently, one can easily chart the actual, rather than potential, information technology enhancement within the United States and United Kingdom governments during the 1990s. The widespread usage of the term ‘computer revolution’ that increased the information transfer, with setting into motion of only a fraction of the potential changes now possible due to technological advance. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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