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The challenging position according to Campbell (2008) is on how to maintain a competitive edge in the healthcare market while leading the organization…
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Download file to see previous pages Kotter provides a framework that can guide managers through this process. This paper will analyze the concept of transformational change as brought forth by the philosophies of John Kotter and provide a case study of a public health organization that effected this change.
Leading change is a complex and multi-disciplinary task that requires skilled focus and attention of leaders at every level of the organization. Increasingly, it has become the driving force in the success of an organization. However, the process is not easy as it is often characterized by high by high failure rates. Organizations are built for stability with policies, structures, responsibilities, roles and procedures. This stability is inherent that it becomes virtually impossible to think about other ways of doing things and getting people to conform to these changes. The speeds of change and new knowledge create immense pressures for institutions to be always aware and build new strategies to manage the flow of information. Staying focused on the immediate processes and concerns while maintaining a vision for transforming the organization requires the ability to be shrewd.
Health care systems in the world have reached a critical turning point. Patients and their next of kin are demanding more information, value for their money and transparency. The innovations in the field of technology and service delivery create a force that drives the need for transformation. The demand for holistic approaches to care, advances in care, value-based incentives, emphasis on lifestyle and behavior modification have created expectations for new partnerships, cutting edge innovations and better patient outcomes in health institutions (Davis, Schoen and Schoenbaum, 2000). Transformational change and governance should thus be the goal of every hospital and health system in today’s world. Effective management and legal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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... Review following websites: and What is the role of each organization? How are they different and how are they similar?  The role of both the Joint Commission and the NCQA are roughly the same, they provide evaluation, measurement, quality review – all the services concerning the issuance of standards for healthcare credentialing. Both of these organizations have the same objectives and that they are both private organizations. The differences can be found in the standards and requirements needed in order to pass their accreditation. NCQA’s approach to credentialing is characterized by comprehensive and detailed process that includes all of the MCO’s operations. Clinical privileging, however... , is not...
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... and that of customer relationship management since this will help them know how to deal with both their patients, and employees. The recommendation for the team is to work towards offering care facilities in the hospitals. References Nova Scotia. (2007). Dispute resolution in healthcare and community services collective bargaining (including acute, long term, and continuing care as well as ambulance services): Discussion paper. Halifax, N.S.: Nova Scotia, Environment, and Labour. Kovner, A. R., Fine, D. J., & DAquila, R. (2009). Evidence-based management in healthcare. Chicago: Health Administration Press.... and Short-Term Care What are the differences in long and short-term facilities? In the modern world where change is the rule in most...
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