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The historical view of police is that of law enforcement officers who are responsible for preventing the law from being broken and apprehending those who have been caught in crime (Hess, Orthmann, & Cho 3). However, this has changed and the police have been given various roles…
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Police studies
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Police Operations The historical view of police is that of law enforcement officers who are responsible for preventing the law from being broken and apprehending those who have been caught in crime (Hess, Orthmann, & Cho 3). However, this has changed and the police have been given various roles in modern society all in the effort of creating a peaceful environment. There are various police operations as will be discussed in this paper.
Patrol-Simply having the presence of police in the streets has the effect of reducing crime, and this is catered for in the patrol operations of the police. Routine patrols operations can either be done by police walking around or in patrol cars around areas that are prone to be crime hotspots.
Traffic-This operation is concerned with regulating traffic so that there is no congestion in the streets and that the transport system is efficient.
Response to crime-This operation entails rapid response to crime scenes and this can be responses to robberies, murders or car accidents.
Homeland security-These operations are concerned with protecting the nation from externalities such as attacks from terrorists and this generally involves protection of the citizens.
Detectives in investigating crimes-This is an operation of police that involves investigating crimes that occur within the country in the effort to maintain peace.
Responding to children juveniles-This is an operation concerned with apprehending juveniles involved in crime.
Gangs and drugs operations-This operation entails conducting drug bursts and apprehending those involved in gangs and sale of drugs. These operations are mainly undercover and the police often wear plain clothes when performing them.
It is crucial for police to respond immediately to situations and the different roles enable this to be achieved and in return peace is maintained in the country.
Work Cited
Hess, K Ren M., Orthmann, Christine Hess & Cho Henry Lim. Police Operations: Theory
and Practice, 2010. New York: Cengage learning. Read More
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Police Studies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
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