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Security Threat Groups/Gangs In Prison - Essay Example

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There are around five main streets or prison gangs in America, namely, the Aryan Brotherhood, the Black Guerilla Family, the Folk Nation, M 13 and the Mexican Mafia. These gangs are a threat to national security, particularly within the correctional institutions within the…
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Security Threat Groups/Gangs In Prison
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Download file to see previous pages The profile of the five major streets and prison gangs is evaluated critically and a comparative assessment of the groups presented, including their similarities and differences.
The Aryan Brotherhood prison gang was established in California’s San Quentin Prison around 1967 during the cauldron of racial wars within the correctional institutions in America. It was established to fight the supremacy of the rival gang Black Guerilla Family. The gang is reported to have been established originally by a section of some Irish bikers around 1964 at San Quentin State Prison. Later, they had a relation with Charles Manson as well as the Manson Family in the United States. Nevertheless, the bureau officials assert that Dallas Scott was the founder of the deadly gang. The primary belief of the Aryan Brotherhood is White supremacy. It has a deep hatred for African Americans in addition to other minorities within the country. Presently, the basic orientation of the Aryan Brotherhood is trafficking of illegal drugs across the prison boundaries and within the country. Within the correctional institutions precincts, the gang is motivated to make its stay within the prisons comfortable (Hickey, 2003).
The gang consist of approximately 20 000 members both within and without the prison systems. They are widespread across the correctional institutions in America mainly found in California and other States, including New York, Arizona and Texas among other regions. They are involved mainly in extortion and drug trafficking. Notwithstanding, they are engaged in many activities, such as murder-for-hire, inmate prostitution and robbery. The gang is seen as the most dangerous by the FBI. It is evolving continually in the past 40 decades. The gang was accused of starting a race war within a prison in Lewisburg in which they murdered two African Americans within the guarded prison precincts in 1997 (White Prison Gangs, Gang Identification Task Force, 2010).
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Security Threat Groups/Gangs In Prison Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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