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Will a global society and economy still need a dominant, professionally-run global press Describe what it would look like or what would replace it. Consider what its role and influence would be - Essay Example

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Given that the current era in history is that characterized by globalization, the revolution of technology and democratization, there is need for a professionally run global press for the smooth operations of the parameters stated. This is because in all the three areas the…
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Will a global society and economy still need a dominant, professionally-run global press Describe what it would look like or what would replace it. Consider what its role and influence would be
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Extract of sample "Will a global society and economy still need a dominant, professionally-run global press Describe what it would look like or what would replace it. Consider what its role and influence would be"

Download file to see previous pages Due to technological revolution, there has been a fast development of the digital communication through the global press (Flew, 2007).
For capitalists, they argue that the human races is entering the golden age where all that people would need to do is to sit back and let the markets and technology do the shopping for them. This is because the global press industry is changing quite fast and hence a demand for instant coverage and the need to decrease the budgets with the sole objective of releasing ethical news. With all eyes on globalization, change in technology and ethical transmission of news with emphasis on deadline ethics, professionally run global media will change how individuals think with the contemporary society (Flew, 2007). Whereas previously the media system were primarily remote, in the past few years we have witnessed the growth of the professionally run global press with two distinct but related facets. This is because professionally run global press is cutting across the world by facilitating faster cross cutting of the world through technology. This is to aid the firms in the global economy to capitalize on the potential of growth abroad without being impacted by flurry competitors given that the local economies already is saturated with incremental expansion. The other facet is that the consolidations and convergence all depend about the day given that some of the global media houses are increasingly becoming concentrated. This is because the major players in the media industry are majorly branches of the global media conglomerates due to the onset of mergers and acquisitions (SHERMAN, (2002, October 2).
It is a fact that the global American media leaves many gaps to be desired whether you want news about the media, the war on terrorism, global trade or simply general information and the understanding of the majority of the world’s population who are non-Americans. This has made the reporting of news difficult due to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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