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Depression, how would you work psychoanalytically with this diagnosis - Essay Example

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When I am immersed in appreciating a work of art, I wonder about how the artists thought and felt in the process of creating a masterpiece. I believe that art is a powerful outlet that can bring out whatever is bottled up inside and when concretized, such thoughts…
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Depression, how would you work psychoanalytically with this diagnosis
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Extract of sample "Depression, how would you work psychoanalytically with this diagnosis"

Download file to see previous pages What art is to Pollack, studying is to me when it comes to demystifying an enigma. Thus, I am finally conquering my fears and writing about depression for this paper. In reading about it, I realized the many depressive stages in my life and bore resistance to understanding them. Now, it is clear to me that such resistance was due to not wanting to touch on the depressive condition and come face to face with my own depression. I know that studying in-depth and writing about this sensitive topic would be beneficial not only to my readers but also to me as a psychotherapist and as a flawed being in the dark who finally wants to see the light.
This essay commences with the etiology of depression followed by some psychodynamic theories about it. It then presents a clinical example of a case study that is analyzed using the discussed theories. A reflective critique then follows as I give my own opinions and views about the use of psychoanalysis in the treatment of depression.
Depression is associated with “feelings of extreme sadness” which not only last for long periods of time, but it is also recurrent and may further develop into suicidal tendencies (NHS, 2010). It is usually manifested with negative behaviors stemming from negative emotions. Sometimes, the person experiencing it is not even aware that he is undergoing depression. Its concept as a serious and debilitating illness, one which has had great impact globally, has become recognised within general medicine and the public eye in more recent times (NHS, 2010).
Examples of symptoms which form the diagnostic criteria for depression include: depressed mood; fatigue or loss of energy and recurrent thoughts of death or suicide, which may be noticed in most circumstances through General Practitioners. In turn a diagnosis is generated following an interview of the patient with the application of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Depression, How Would You Work Psychoanalytically With This Diagnosis Essay.
“Depression, How Would You Work Psychoanalytically With This Diagnosis Essay”, n.d.
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walterbertha added comment 5 months ago
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The topic of "Depression, how would you work psychoanalytically with this diagnosis?" is quite popular among the tasks in college. Still, this example opens a brand new perspective of seeing the issue. I’ll use the manner for my own essay.

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