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Housing and regeneration in developing countries (housing study) - Essay Example

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Urbanization refers to the expansion of the population living in urban areas, and this is one of the major transformations that exist along the globe. It is the movement of people from rural areas to urban areas, thus increasing the population growth of the people in the urban…
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Housing and regeneration in developing countries (housing study)
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Extract of sample "Housing and regeneration in developing countries (housing study)"

Download file to see previous pages Housing is a main concern especially to human beings. Regeneration is the process by which the housing conditions are improved through economical, social and environmental measures. According to Ademiluyi (2010), houses are permanent structures that are built in order to cater for human needs especially habitation. House regeneration leads to the achievement of sustainable development. The reason as to why housing regeneration is done is to improve the concerned area which is to be regenerated, and thus bring in a positive impact to the people who live in the place. Regeneration has positive as well as negative impacts to the areas that are being regenerated and the people who live in the areas as well. The developmental interventions on housing require the participation of partners who are the actors involved in the development of these houses.
Therefore, there is need for housing development in these areas due to increased population of people who are moving. There is therefore need for involving people who can participate in the development of these houses. The participants in the process of development are controlled by the initiatives that affect the decisions made to ensure that development is enhanced. The participants involve themselves in the local, national and international decision making which makes it possible for the housing development. The participants involved in the housing development first have to receive information about what is to be done and also what has already been done. This means that the research has to be done in order to get information about the approaches needed to be taken into account in order to find out how the housing can be developed. Once the participants have been informed, they are consulted in order to give opinions that are needed to help in the development, and this will also include the aspects of defining the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Housing and Regeneration in Developing Countries (housing Study) Essay)
Housing and Regeneration in Developing Countries (housing Study) Essay.
“Housing and Regeneration in Developing Countries (housing Study) Essay”, n.d.
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