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Electronic Health Record Functionality Standards - Essay Example

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The selection, decision making and the implementation processes of Electronic Health Records (EHR), need adequate resources such as; human resources, time as well as financial capital: These resources apply to the entire health service providers regardless of their sizes and…
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Electronic Health Record Functionality Standards
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Extract of sample "Electronic Health Record Functionality Standards"

(Section) Due) Introduction The selection, decision making and the implementation processes of Electronic Health Records (EHR), need adequate resources such as; human resources, time as well as financial capital: These resources apply to the entire health service providers regardless of their sizes and modes of operation. The incorporation of results and findings in to the EHR selection and decision making process requires that health practitioners and institutions dedicate adequate time and proper attention (Carol 2007).
Specifically, health institutions have to allocate sufficient time and other resources in the evaluation and examination of the findings in relation to the required data for the EHR selection and decision making process, regulatory measures as well as the need for the EHR equipment (Carol 2007).
Incorporating Findings and Results into the EHR Selection and Decision Making Process
Developing a EHR selection Committee
This is the first step in incorporating findings into the EHR selection and decision making process; this committee should comprise all the stakeholders such as health practitioners, IT experts and other persons who may be affected by the EHR equipment.
Identification of Functional Requirement in Relation to the HL7Functional Model
The formulation of a list of the functional models of the Electronic Health Record may be a complex process to most health practitioners; however, this process has been made easier by the use of the HL7 Functional Model which specifies various imperative aspects of the Electronic Health Records that apply to most health institutions (Carol 2007).
In this case, the EHR, selection committee will evaluate the results to determine various desired features in relation to the standards of the HL7 Functional Model.
Certification of Health IT
This is the next crucial step in the incorporation of findings and results in EHR selection and decision making process. It ensures that persons purchasing the EHR equipment are in a position to access pertinent information that provides assurance in regard to the proper functionality of the products.
Various acts have been implemented to certify EHR vendors who meet the needs and specification of the EHR equipment. These acts include; the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH). This act stipulates effective testing methodologies of the Electronic Health Equipment which checks compliance in relation to the section 320 (b).
Other regulatory measures have been implemented by a non-profit organization known as the (CCHIT), Certification Commission for Health Information Technology. This commission authorizes the use of Electronic Health Records in the United States of America through certification (Kasprak 2008). In this aspect, the EHR committee may apply this knowledge in selecting the proper EHR equipment as well as their suppliers.
The current rising number of EHR vendors may pose a challenge to the EHR selection committee (Kasprak 2008): However, by taking into consideration the stipulations of these acts, the selection process may be made less complex in that; the committee will simply cross check information concerning the product supplied by each vendor and select the most desirable.
EHR Equipment Selection
After considering the regulatory requirements of the various acts in relation to the EHR equipment, the next imperative step involves: Selection of the most appropriate EHR equipment supplier with the most desired featured and qualifications that meet the needs of the EHR committee.

Carol, A. (2007). The RFP Process for EHR Systems. Chicago, Ill.: HIM Body of Knowledge.

Kasprak, J. (2008). Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology. Hartford: Connecticut General Assembly, Office of Legislative Research. Read More
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