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Critique Of Script 2 - Essay Example

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The major themes of the story are crime, accidents and emergency response. These are common occurrences in the everyday American community. The use of such familiar issues and themes make the audience identify with…
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Critique Of Script 2
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Extract of sample "Critique Of Script 2"

Critique of script 2 Story: 8 out of 10 The story borders on themes and issues that affect the society. The major themes of the story are crime, accidents and emergency response. These are common occurrences in the everyday American community. The use of such familiar issues and themes make the audience identify with the story thereby earning the story a lot of credibility. By addressing themes and issues unfamiliar to the audience, most writers normally lose their audience as it makes imagination of the practicality of the issues difficult. This script however addresses familiar issues thereby making dramatization of the very scenes a lot easier. The target audience who is in the American society will therefore identify with the story line with coercion.
Description: 6 out of 10
The story line is great and equally entertaining, however, the author does not employ a lot of descriptive language in the script. The story entails an eye witness giving an account of his observation. This does not meet the required threshold and as the script continues it becomes evident that the help of the eye witness was insignificant. It is understandable that they eye witness maybe affected by shock or may never relate the entire scenario as expected but the author does not effectively describe the eye witness as such and therefore leaves the audience guessing on the actual occurrence of the scene. However, the general description is satisfactory thereby earning him an above average score.
Characters: 9 out of 10
The author performs exceptionally well in his selection of characters. The American society is constituted of various pressure groups some of which identify discrimination even before an author would possibly think of any. However, the author beats this by balancing his author composition effectively. One of the lead characters in the story, Laura is a woman (Marty 2). Additionally, there are a number of other women characters as the story progresses. This is an indication that the author gave adequate considerations to the gender balance. Additionally, there are other types of racial combination of the American population; the author considers this by using a number of African American characters alongside other marginalized community such as Asians alongside the American whites. This balance in demographic factors of population earns him a nine out of the all possible ten.
Style: 9 out of 10
This being a script, it is obvious of the type of style that the audience expects the author to use. He achieves this by making use of dialogues all in the present tense. This is a basic test that the experienced author easily passes. He continues to use a number of stylistic devices of writing that elevates his script from to above average. He uses a number of similes to compare both the scenes and the characters in the story (Marty 4). His effective use of the comparative and superlative adjectives gives the story a sense of reality. The character use very simple and understandable language, this he employs in an effort to define his target audience. The play is in the general view category since it does not constitute obscene language and adult content, to prove this; he employs the use of standard language to make understanding to all of the societal age sets.
The author further uses other literary devices such as humor to create the mood in the story; the effective balance of all the stylistic devices in his writing therefore earns him an exemplary score of nine out of ten.
Work cited
Marty, Thornton .A winding road. New York: Springer,2012. Read More
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Critique Of Script 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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