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The Comparison on Childcare Policies between Quebec and Ontario from 1990 to present - Essay Example

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The nature of change and their impact on the welfare of children manifest through a range of similarities and differences across the board. The pattern of change in the two regions…
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The Comparison on Childcare Policies between Quebec and Ontario from 1990 to present
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Extract of sample "The Comparison on Childcare Policies between Quebec and Ontario from 1990 to present"

Download file to see previous pages These changes marked a break from past systems that featured multiple departments working separately for the promotion of children welfare without any manifest order and consistency within the systems.
In January 1997, the Quebec government passed special legislations that provided support to parents in one of the strategies employed towards ensuring sustainable and quality childcare in the region (Baker, Gruber & Milligan, 2006). The measure focused on improving some systems and structures including adjusted systems of remuneration in order to empower them to improve their livelihoods. The underlying assumption revolves around creating a pool of resources that would naturally trickle down to the children by way of good nutrition, care, health, and education. The Quebec restructuring of children welfare policies remain anchored on the overarching policy that supports family values and promotes love for children (Baker, Gruber & Milligan, 2006). Therefore, it became necessary to develop specific laws that would provide the operational frameworks of good and quality childcare processes.
Towards the year 2000, there emerged some specific focus on low-income parents as the government engaged actively in the process of uplifting the parents to achieve some aspect of self-sustenance in order for them to collaborate with the government in the overall process of providing support for their children (Baker, Gruber & Milligan, 2006). Also included in the emergent policies were specific provisions that enjoined communities and the general societies in the promotion of the welfare of the children. Such provisions included safeguards against abuse and other laws meant to protect the rights, liberties, happiness, health, security, and safety of the children. In this regard, it becomes necessary to investigate some of the forces that occasioned the various legislations that meant to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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