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The intriguing, strong-willed female characters in traditional Chinese fiction and the prescriptive of womanly behavior - Term Paper Example

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The ancient Chinese love story "The tragedy of Pu Fei-Yan", which is an ancient Chinese story, depicts the love between two people, Fei-yen and Hsiang. It follows their attraction, betrayal, romance and ultimate death. In this paper I will focus on the female paragon defined by…
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The intriguing, strong-willed female characters in traditional Chinese fiction and the prescriptive of womanly behavior
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Extract of sample "The intriguing, strong-willed female characters in traditional Chinese fiction and the prescriptive of womanly behavior"

Download file to see previous pages In Confucianism man is the middle of the universe: man cannot stay alone, but with other humans. For humans, the greatest objective is personal pleasure. The necessary situation to accomplish pleasure is through serenity. To acquire serenity, Confucius found man made up of the five connections which are depending on really like and responsibilities. War has to be abolished; and the Great Oneness around the globe should be designed.
In Han (220BCE-221CE) China, Confucianism was implemented as the official philosophy. Focusing balance achieved through controlled romantic relationships and ethical responsibilities. Confucianism prescribed a firm social structure with clearly defined tasks. Females were mostly limited to the sector of close relatives’ members. They were brought up to show difference to out-dated parents, constancy to spouses and commitment to kids. Females worked out authority and power only when they presumed the part of mothers and had produced kids. Trained in the domestic arts, women were also frustrated from public and government matters. At court women were limited to the inner legal courts as opposed to the outer legal courts where matters of the state were performed. Confucian offered medications for the way a woman ought to comport herself, emphasizing her proper behaviour in regards to her husband and her part in close relatives members. Although women were recognized as being virtuous for their sagacity, intelligence and statecraft, it was within the inner legal courts or the inner sector of close relative’s members that ladies operated as active agents and worked out their benefits.
Given that information, we can depict that Fei-yen was in violation of the Confucian code. She was completely disrespectful to her husband. In the Confucian code, the wife had to respect the marriage institution and shun away from fidelity, however Fei-yen insulted this institution by ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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