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TV over watch - Essay Example

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Reports state that the amount of time million of citizens of US are spending Television has increased and it has become the most renowned time pass of the US citizens (Gandossy, 2009). It is entertaining to watch favorite television shows but it is highly advised that television…
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TV over watch
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Excessive Television Viewing Excessive Television Viewing Reports that the amount of time million of citizens of US are spending Television has increased and it has become the most renowned time pass of the US citizens (Gandossy, 2009). It is entertaining to watch favorite television shows but it is highly advised that television viewing should be restricted especially for teenagers and children. Excessive viewing of television leads to mental and physical illnesses. The amount of time those children and other individuals spend watching Television can be used for physical and mental wellbeing. There are various disadvantages of watching excessive television, these cons include: limited perception, addiction and obesity.
This paragraph will talk about the negative health effects of watching excessive television. Excessive television viewing leads to slow increase in body fat of the viewer and ultimately the viewer experience the harsh conditions of obesity. Those children who spend time hours in front of the television end up gaining less physical activity and their physical development is tampered. A study was conducted on 89 children who aged between 2 years and 6 years (Jackson, 2009). During this study the researchers measured the energy that children waste while watching TV and its effect on their physical well-being was even measured. The parents of these white Scottish children were asked to fill out questionnaires related to the research. The outcome of the study was that there was a positive link between watching TV and changes in body weight. The study proved that 1 hour of viewing of television lead to increase of 2.2 pounds of body weight. The study even figured out that the eating habits that these children obtained while watching TV was damaging their physical condition. The researchers in the study stated that while watching television, the amount of sweat and high calorie intake increases and concentration on eating health food such as vegetables decreases.
The previous paragraph focused on the negative health effects, this paragraph focuses on the addiction caused due to watching television. Excessive viewing of television ultimately leads to addition with television shows and this leads to behavioral constraints. Those individuals who spend too much time watching television provide insight that they are addicted to watching television. They state that watching television is liked by them. This is similar to the affect of drug abuse, when drug abusers are asked about their experience while they consume drugs, they state they like the sensation of drugs. Similarly, excessive TV watchers even state that TV watching helps them relax their mind and forget about the world they are living in. This event is again similar to drug addiction, as drug addicts state that drugs help them relax and forget about their issues.
The previous paragraph focused on the negative effects of watching excessive television on health and behavior, this paragraph will discuss the negative effect on perception of watching excessive television. Television watching has the greatest impact on children’s perception and they create a perception of a world that may not be completely true and expect the world to operate in the similar way. For example: cartoon hero episodes show that when the world is in pain, a hero with super powers will come and save them. Those who watch such shows start believing that the world will be changed by some super natural hero which may be not completely true as super heroes do not exist.
Watching excessive television leads to limited perception, obesity, bad eating habits and addiction. Researches have proved that when children watch television they eat unhealthy food which includes: food comprising of higher amount of calories and lower amount of fiber. Just like drug addicts state that they find comfort and relaxation by abusing drugs, individuals addicted to TV report same feelings and sensations.
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Jackson, D. M., Djafarian, K., Stewart, J., & Speakman, J. R. (January 01, 2009). Increased television viewing is associated with elevated body fatness but not with lower total energy expenditure in children. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition : Ajn, 89, 4, 1031. Read More
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TV over Watch Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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