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Instrumentation and Control - Speech or Presentation Example

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Static transfer function refers to the ratio of system output in steady state to system input in steady state and describes the input-output relationship when the input and output are not changing. Therefore taking an input mass of 5Kg with an output of 14.34mV,
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Instrumentation and Control

Extract of sample "Instrumentation and Control"

Download file to see previous pages Second order responses have their output oscillating for some time before settling down to the true value leading to transients. In temperature measurements, such factors as sensor parameters do not affect the output but this only changes due to ambient temperature and therefore lacks transients as would be observed in second order systems (Dyer ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...of magnetic field being applied. The distance between the sensor and the magnetic source is the main determinant of the output voltage [3]. Vacuum failure and vacuum bag leaks can be detected with the use of the sensor [3]. This sensor is primarily used in the quality control departments and cure cycle [3] of the factories producing different material which need a reliable sensor. Most of the times, the sensor is paired with a monitoring device to demonstrate the readings. For the purpose of online monitoring and compaction of a curing composite, the sensor is quite successful. This device is being used in the quality control departments and the manufacturing departments of many businesses. They ensure...
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