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Wireless fan LLD - Essay Example

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As such, the wireless fan allows the users to control the fan by remote. This fan has multiple levels of speed selection. This project will be developed by a microcontroller. The intended…
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Wireless fan LLD
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Extract of sample "Wireless fan LLD"

Download file to see previous pages This document will also document the hardware and software which will be employed. In this document, the researcher will discuss all the components that will be on the board as well as the software of the microcontroller. The heart of the analysis will be dependent upon the IR remote Controller that involves a transmitter and a receiver circuit operation based on using infrared red rays as a medium of a wireless communication. As such, the device is used for all sorts of electronic devices like televisions air conditioners. The document is intended to capture and convey the significant design decisions which have been made in preparation for the development of the system being discussed in this document.
The first process of the system will be the starter mechanism that is made available to the user via the buttons. When the button is pressed, the signal leads up the wire to the PIC. Once there, it is then translated via the logical inputs and given to the microchip unit through the diodes. This output signal is served to the IR LED’s through the current limitation resistors; where the electrical signal is changed to an optical signal. At this point, the motor will start. There are three additional switches which are designed to alternate between fan speeds.
The microcontroller is a device that connects to the computer PC. It is incorporated into the electronic board and contains a memory, processor core, and a programmable input/output. This is therefore used to program the PIC of the remote and the receiver by use of the assembly language.
The IR Receiver is to receive the infrared (IR). IR receiver detects infrared light that is being projected from the transmitter. By using an infrared signal to maintain a charged capacitor, this in turn keeps the run relay ready.
The motor itself is the machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical ability to complete the work; for instance, the electric motors used to run ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Wireless Fan LLD Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words)
Wireless Fan LLD Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
“Wireless Fan LLD Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words”, n.d.
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