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Letter of Intent - Pharmacy Residency Program - Essay Example

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I have had the great opportunity to spend some time with the current residents of your Post Graduate Year 1 (PYG1) program at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center (CSMC). They have spoken quite highly of the opportunities offered by the program, and have convinced me to look further into…
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Letter of Intent - Pharmacy Residency Program
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Extract of sample "Letter of Intent - Pharmacy Residency Program"

Claire Hwang 866 N Bunker Hill Ave #203 Los Angeles, CA 90012 November 22 Frank Saya, Pharm.D., FASHP Pharmacy Residency Program Director Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
8700 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90048
Dear Dr. Frank Saya:
I have had the great opportunity to spend some time with the current residents of your Post Graduate Year 1 (PYG1) program at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center (CSMC). They have spoken quite highly of the opportunities offered by the program, and have convinced me to look further into the possibility of my admission into the program during the next cycle of admissions.
I am ardently pursuing the possibility of my residency program at CSMC due to the impressive multidisciplinary relationship that exists at the medical center that allows all healthcare professionals to play an integral part in patient care and management. During my rotations at CSMC, I was encouraged to develop a critical mind as a clinical practitioner through a host of rotation opportunities and exposure to various teaching experiences, general hospital practice, and other challenging environments that challenged my skills as a clinical pharmacist.
As a pharmacy resident, I was given the rare opportunity to work hand in hand with physicians and pharmacists in the development of clinical therapies directed at minimizing adverse drug effects on patients. This included my actual participation in more than 60 interventions that fueled my passion for pharmaceutical care for patients. This I believe, was a rare opportunity offered to me by CSMC as a resident that will benefit any healthcare provider that I work with during my PGY1 residency because of the fact that my accurate, split-second decision making skills have already been effectively honed during my pharmacy residency.
Completing my PGY1 residency at CSMC will open doors for me in the future. As a clinical pharmacist, I hope to work in the area of infectious disease with a concentration on critical patient care and transplant pharmacy. If need be, I am willing to undergo an additional year of specialized training in order to become a world class clinical pharmacist.
I firmly believe that I have the intellect, skills and passion necessary to succeed in your residency program. My time management skills, work ethics, and dedication to pharmaceutical care will help to further establish CSMC as one of the leading teaching hospitals in terms of exceptional clinicians and leaders in our respective fields.
Please find my application materials enclosed. I am available to discuss the possibility of my admission into the PGY1 program at your convenience. Thank you for your consideration.
Claire Hwang
Pharm.D. Candidate, 2013
USC School of Pharmacy Read More
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Letter of Intent - Pharmacy Residency Program Essay.
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