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EIT4 Task 2 Planning/lesson plans - Essay Example

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The main objectives of the study of science, according to the curriculum of North Carolina, are five; the first one is that science enables students to determine the solution to everyday life. In addition, it confers to students, the ability to describe and explain the natural…
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EIT4 Task 2 Planning/lesson plans
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Extract of sample "EIT4 Task 2 Planning/lesson plans"

Lessons Plan The main objectives of the study of science, according to the curriculum of North Carolina, are five; the first one is that science enables students to determine the solution to everyday life. In addition, it confers to students, the ability to describe and explain the natural effect. The third one is to enable students understand the articles on science. Moreover, it puts students in a position to engage in constructive conversation aimed at providing valid conclusions. The science of addiction and health is evaluated to establish whether it fulfills any of these objectives. The objectives are considered on an individual basis, (Beverly, 2012).
The objective of students being able to determine solutions to everyday life experiences
The article on effects of smoking on the body and health seeks to find out solutions to various life experiences, (Beverly, 2012). In this article, various questions have been addressed. They include the following:
Effect of addiction to the supporting individuals do not take the drug
The medical consequences of drug addiction
Specific effect of each drug
Whether drug abuse cause mental disorders or whether mental disorders lead to drug addiction
The ability to describe, explain and predict natural phenomena
This article also seeks to predict various aspects of drug abuse. For example, the concept of prediction is implied in each of the questions as follows:
The medical consequences of drug addiction: this question is investigating the medical consequences of addition. The results will be used to understand future effect
Whether drug abuse cause mental disorders or whether mental disorders lead to drug addiction: this question seeks to predict the drug abuse leads to mental disorder or whether mental disorder leads to drug abuse
Effect of addiction to the rest of the individuals who are not involved in taking the drug: this question predicts the social, economic, physical, emotional and psychological impact of drug addiction to the individuals surrounding the addict.
Specific effect of each drug: this question aims at predicting the individual impact of each drug.
Ability to understand articles about science
The investigative, scientific experiments conducted to establish the tenets of drug abuse provide students with an opportunity to understand the scientific knowledge about drug abuse. The process of reading theory alone does contribute much to the understanding of scientific articles. The experiments provide an ideal way of learning from the scientific messages in the articles, (National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2012).
To engage in non-technical conversation about the validity of conclusions
Nontechnical conversation is hindsight into the concept of the experiment. From the informal conversation, it is possible to construct the factors to be investigated. During conclusion, the outcome of the experiment is compared with the predetermined outcome. Valid results may be drawn from the comparison, (National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2012).
To identify scientific issues influencing decisions at national and local levels
Since the questions establish the reasons for certain phenomenon, these are the reasons upon which national decisions can be made.
To provide explanations based on evidence derived from one’s own work
Most of the questions addressed above are investigative. The results of the questions will be used to establish the evidence upon which scientific conclusion is to be made. For example, the investigation of about the medical consequences of drug addiction will provide evidence of drawing a conclusion of whether drug addiction has medical consequences, (National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2012).
The second question will provide the basis for argument that drug abuse causes mental disorder or mental disorder causes drug abuse. The third question will provide evidence that drug addiction impacts on the lives of the society. The last question provides evidence that certain drugs are known to cause certain health issues, (National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2012).
National Institute on Drug Abuse. (2012, August). Retrieved November 23, 2012, from Drugs, Brains, an Behaviour: The Science of Addiction:
Beverly, v. (2012). Public schools of North Carolina, State Board of Education: Department of Public Instruction. Retrieved November 23, 2012, from K-12 CURRICULUM AND INSTRUCTION/NC STANDARD COURSE OF STUDY: Read More
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EIT4 Task 2 Planning/Lesson Plans Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“EIT4 Task 2 Planning/Lesson Plans Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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