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Analyzes Communication between two Charcters in the Sound and The Fury written by William Faulkner - Essay Example

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The major characters are Caddy, Benjy, Quentin, Jason and their father Mr. Compson. The novel is divided into four chapters, in…
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Analyzes Communication between two Charcters in the Sound and The Fury written by William Faulkner
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Extract of sample "Analyzes Communication between two Charcters in the Sound and The Fury written by William Faulkner"

Download file to see previous pages Thus, throughout last chapter, readers are left in perplexity of timeframe, in which they are unable to distinguish between past and present.
Caddy is the only sister who is like a mother figure to the brothers, is later shown to degenerate morally, which directly affects her brother Quentin, who is a Harvard student. Quentin whole heartedly follows the Southern Code, and believes in ideals such as purity, chastity and a purposeful life. Jason is depicted as a person full of hatred while Mr. Compson is a person who understands the bitter realities of life, which directly contradict the beliefs held by Quentin. The discourse between Mr. Compson and Quentin is interesting as the two characters possess completely dichotomous, polar views regarding life. Mr. Compson’s views add to Quentin’s dilemma regarding life, and eventually lead him to commit suicide.
Although Mr. Compson appearances were a few, but through his few discourses, not only the constant battle Quentin was fighting was signified, but also the gradual thought process that led Quentin to decide his tragic fate was relayed. In the second chapter, Quentin reminisces about how his father had given him a watch, saying, “I give it [watch] to you not that you may remember time, but […..]. Because no battle is ever won. They are not even fought. The field only reveals to man his own folly and despair, and victory is an illusion of philosophers and fools”­, (Faulkner, 1992, p .76). Although it is ironical how the watch, signifying hope and faith, led Quentin to eventually break it, because he wanted to stop time. It was his futile effort to stagnate time, so that the degrading moral values of the 20th century did not creep into the Compson family and the Southern Code remains intact.
Quentin, the oldest child in the Compson family, strongly adhered to principles of honor, love and purity. In his view, this comprised the Southern Code and the familial system was bound to adhere to it, as it was the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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