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Managers in safety training - Research Paper Example

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In the contemporary age, health and safety of the organizational personnel has become a major concern of people belonging to all kinds of professions. While the desire for safety cultivates equally in everybody, the tendency to actually invest in safety management in the…
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Managers in safety training
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Extract of sample "Managers in safety training"

Download file to see previous pages The disparity between the emphasis on safety management between the underdeveloped and the advanced economies has had a corresponding effect on the curriculums of safety training. While in the technologically advanced countries like the UK and the USA, safety training is offered at graduate and undergraduate level through university courses, safety training in the underdeveloped countries is imparted through short courses in academies. Nevertheless, the role of such short courses in inculcating a sense of the need of safety management and compliance with the rules of health and safety in the workers cannot be underestimated. “A few simple steps learned in a training session can prevent a major crisis” (National Restaurant Association, 2009, p. 2). In developed countries, an individual needs at least a bachelor’s degree in health and safety along with preferably a 10 years of experience to be eligible to serve as a health and safety (HS) manager on a project whereas in the underdeveloped countries, a diploma or a short course in safety management might suffice.
OSHA lists a range of safety training programs that individuals can take depending upon which suits them best (, n.d.). People select the most suitable program depending upon the availability of time, funding, and such other factors. Over 20 universities and training organizations offer courses in safety training and management in the US (, n.d.). Most training organizations offer certificates whereas universities offer Bachelor programs in safety management. Construction sites in the US require professional certification in safety course to consider a candidate for the post of safety manager on the site. Chances of recruitment increase with more experience and higher education in safety management.
The HS manager is familiar with all procedures, concepts, and practices of the kind of work he/she is rendering the health and safety management services in because the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Managers in Safety Training Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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