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3 CHoices - Essay Example

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They contribute to the thrill and audience attraction. Sound in movies is studied and applied with a totally different perspective in comparison to sound used in a standalone manner for example in music concerts, opera, stage…
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3 CHoices
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Extract of sample "3 CHoices"

Download file to see previous pages Sound effects are a deciding factor in determining the audience response and viewership especially when it comes to horror, action and futuristic movies. Sound effects can be further categorised as: dubbing, special effects, background scores, playback, music track etc. Each category is applied in present day films and consequentially sound effect has tremendous significance in the success of a movie.
The absence of sound in the 1927 film The General, a classic of the silent era, makes much room for convincing acting and gesticulation to make situations, conversations and the overall plot clear. Screenplay gets more space and opportunity to experiment and compensate for the lack of a sound track. The presence of a slow and detailed video shoot frame-by-frame can be seen in the film ‘The General’, deliberately reeled in a slow pace for the audience to understand the incidents in the movie and follow the overall plot. Closer shots are taken in order to lip read the dialogue.
After watching silent movies and especially the movie that we’ve chosen to analyse and discuss: ‘The General’ we can say that a lot is left to the audience’s anticipation. The reactions of various characters in the movie can have multiple verbal interpretations or dialogue association where the visuals of lip movement or even the gesticulation is obscure. It is similar to reading a book where greater attention is required due to the complete absence of one sensation: that of sound.
A movie is all about entertainment. If we consider the silent era series: Charlie Chaplin or Laurel and Hardy we can easily connect to the obvious fact that silent movies necessitate heightened visual drama, distinct actions and riveting visual effects to keep the audience invested in watching the movie till the end. All these movies and TV series have one thing in common: a convincing visual appeal.
In the movie, ‘The General’, Buster Keaton performed several daring stunts ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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3 CHoices Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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