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How Much Does Budget Affect the Artistic Content of a Film - Dissertation Example

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How much does budget affect the artistic content of a film Introduction In recent years, big budget films have been relentless in their entry into the movie theatres. The bevy of movies with big budgets includes the Transformers trilogy, to the Harry Potter series, including the Twilight franchise…
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How Much Does Budget Affect the Artistic Content of a Film
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Download file to see previous pages This paper shall discuss how films get funded and the impact of the budget to the overall artistic content of the movies. Body Films usually get funded by major film studios. These studios have a significant amount of money at their disposal and have insurance financing options to secure their investments (Vaux, 1999). Having their financial support can help cover any film’s requirements ensuring that all important details, as well as the mundane details and expenses of any movie would be covered. Independent distributors, as well as talent agencies, government agencies, and non-profit organizations can also contribute the necessary funds for the making of these films (Vaux, 1999). Budgeting for any film can bring about a variety of benefits. A bigger budget can mean that the best crew can be hired to assist in the filmmaking process. It also means that the filmmakers can allocate more resources into making the best film which they can possibly make (The Guardian, 2010). They can spend more money for special effects, visual effects, and for other technical elements of the movie. In other words, a film’s budget can impact on the visual quality of the movie. The process of budgeting has various goals and it establishes a clear framework for the movie decisions (Garon, 2008). As a result, if an independent film would be made on a very small budget, then some items for the movie must be reduced to a near zero allocation. This would lead to the film being shot locally or with one or two areas doubling for other locations. This also means that the film has no budget for travel expenses or accommodation expenses for its actors and film crew (Garon, 2008). In these instances, the location shoots cannot be maximized for the movie and the extent to which the film crew can go to make the movie better is limited. The film budget usually sets the tone of the movie. Labels like no-budget, low-budget or high-budget usually establishes early assumptions about the movie. With ‘no-budget movies’, a rough ambiance is usually expected and moderate success in their actual release can already translate to large returns (Garon, 2008). On the other hand, high-budget films have to have huge box-office returns in order to support the expense of filmmaking. Some studios often even exaggerate their budget in order to increase their advances and put across the message that the filmmakers had the necessary budget to work with (Garon, 2008). The budget of films is generally significant in making the best film which can possibly be made. However, most filmmakers agree that budget is a tool which can be changed at various stages of the movie making. For independent artists, various budget scenarios which are supported by best case financing and worst case financing ideas can be changed at different stages of the filming process. Some scenes may therefore be reshot according to budget adjustments (Garon, 2008). And writers may end up rewriting and the script based on financial limitations, revising the storytelling process to accommodate the film’s budget. For example, if the script calls for a cafe in France, the writer may shift to a local coffee shop for a story or scene to unfold. As to whether the artistic content of the movie is compromised in the process is often based on how the scene is shot with its essential elements in place, as well as its ability ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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