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The results of taking the personality test generated results that indicate one generated the highest score in Scale C that reflects a high level of conscientiousness or manifesting traits that exhibit being highly organized, being duly responsible and reliable. The upside of…
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Psychology - Personality Test
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Psychology: Motivation and Leadership The results of taking the personality test generated results that indicate one generated the highest score in Scale C that reflects a high level of conscientiousness or manifesting traits that exhibit being highly organized, being duly responsible and reliable. The upside of this personality type is its ability to generate outcome and performance that are expected and defined in personal or professional goals. However, the downside of this personality type is the tendency to be too focused on tasks and responsibilities and becoming too structured and formal.
Since this type belongs to the three traits expected from an effective leader (conscientiousness, openness and extroversion), one confirms readiness and the ability to lead in various endeavors. Past experiences working with groups in the academic setting has exhibited competencies in assuming leadership roles. For instance, when there are group projects, there have been several times that one was assigned or elected as the group leader and the personality traits of being orderly, focusing on complying with responsibilities, being reliable and conscientious were evidently manifested. As a leader, one recognized the importance of delegating responsibilities to members and monitoring their progress. With the personality type that was exuded, one acknowledged that focus on the accomplishment of tasks is crucial to ensure that the defined goals are achieved. However, one likewise realized that there is a need to develop openness and extroversion to enable the leader to solicit relevant inputs from other members and followers, and to encourage them to be productive and facilitate towards contributing effectively towards the defined goals in a more conducive and motivated manner. Read More
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