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'Critically evaluate and discuss the influence of theories and concepts drawn from psychology, sociology and social policy on social work practice with a specific service user group.' - Essay Example

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Understanding psychological and sociological theories, as well as social policy, is essential to the nature, suitability, and effectiveness of contemporary social work practice with children with learning disabilities. The term ‘learning disability’ refers to a particular…
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Critically evaluate and discuss the influence of theories and concepts drawn from psychology, sociology and social policy on social work practice with a specific service user group.
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Extract of sample "'Critically evaluate and discuss the influence of theories and concepts drawn from psychology, sociology and social policy on social work practice with a specific service user group.'"

Download file to see previous pages Traditional knowledge of learning disability generally denotes chromosome deficits, poor intelligence, and other medically identified defects. Therefore, in order to resolve this issue, it is important to understand the sociological and psychological theories underpinning social work practice with children with learning disabilities (Parrish, 2009). This essay also includes a critical evaluation of the relevant current social policy context and direction.
The most accurate definition of learning disabilities is as follows: “a variety of disorders that affect the acquisition, retention, understanding, organisation and/or use of verbal and non-verbal information” (Georgas, 2003, p. 16). Although learning disabilities are believed to be acquired or hereditary, development of the disability affects a person’s social performance, relationships, family life, and emotional wellbeing. There is also an increasing awareness of the effect of socio-cultural aspects on children’s learning difficulties and styles, consequently changing the perception, assessment, and treatment of learning disabilities. Learning disabilities may work together with emotional, social, and environmental forces to impair the process of personality growth. Children with learning disabilities are prone to experience weak motivation, anxiety, and depression, and to have poor self-confidence (Burke, 2008). They usually display poor interpersonal abilities leading to social exclusion. According to Howe (2009), this vulnerable population is predisposed to antisocial behaviour, both as offenders and victims. Children in special education are especially prone to aggression, both as aggressors and victims.
Numerous difficulties encountered by children with learning disabilities persist into later life. The family of a child with learning disabilities may either be helpful or harmful, which may rely ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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