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Patch 1 [Type the document subtitle] [Pick the date] Changing landscape in educational sector has put greater emphasis on addressing issues related to equality, diversity in education and safeguarding students. Policies like Every Child Matters, Lifelong Learning, No Child Left Behind, have put greater emphasis on ensuring that current curriculum and educational environment fosters effective learning in students irrespective of their social, cultural and economic backgrounds and overall physical and mental well-being…
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Patch 1
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Download file to see previous pages In order to impart education effectively, teachers have to adopt appropriate and efficient resources according to nature of the lesson. One of these resources is Information Communication technology which has stemmed out of technology-enhanced learning. Technology-enhanced learning depicts usage of technology in overall learning process. It is often misunderstood as E-learning, however it refers to use of technology which facilitates interaction between the instructor and student. Usage of technology allows the students to perform critical analysis by immersing themselves in learning and deduce meaningful information out of the content that is being shown to them. This technique allows students to perform self-directed questioning that facilitates two-way learning between teacher and student. Web-based learning and study guides through selected CD-ROM based lessons can be effective resources for technology enhanced learning. The rationale behind this tool is based on Kolb’s experiential learning theory (1971) and Schank’s learning by doing (2010). These theories illustrate that experiencing the learning process, breaking down information into manageable bits and processing them is further facilitated when a student is actively engaged in them. If a student is asked to visit several websites about museums and analyze their differences accordingly, they are actually undergoing a virtual tour which enhances their meta-cognitive and problem solving skills. Furthermore, engaging student in writing a report about this tour with the help of ICT tools such as Word processing tools would help them perform more analysis and share their inputs about what they have learned. Allowing students to view content available on Web makes them perform critical analysis, find out relevant information and deduce meaning out of it. Although it is a tedious process that requires teacher’s supervision but it is more efficient in engaging students instead of simple instruction based lectures. In order to enhance overall language development and learning in students, it is important that they are made to think and transform their thoughts in appropriate words. For this purpose, using interactive whiteboards and videos can be effective media. Using whiteboards, drawing diagrams and flowcharts helps students to think through teacher’s instructions and correspond to them accordingly. Therefore, information is being received, processed and illustrated in the form of questions and feedback by students. Furthermore, using videos and audios help students to use experiential learning strategies and perform mind mapping which not only gives meanings to words but also make them more memorable by attaching images to them. Learning appropriate dialect can be facilitated by allowing students to imitate teacher’s words and figure out meaning from them. Usually teachers in communication classes use audio aids which help students understand appropriateness of different communication styles and vocabulary usage. According to Genishi (1988), children learn better ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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