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Act Three - Assignment Example

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Brian had been shy, but there was something about this girl that he liked. They met many times over the next few months, and it was clear that this girl would be special to him throughout his life.
Two men dressed in black immediately jump out of the car…
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Act Three
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Extract of sample "Act Three"

Download file to see previous pages Young Brian stands very still, men in FBI jackets moving around him until the front door opens and his mother comes through the door. He runs into her embrace, but his eyes drift up to a picture of his father, indicating that his father vanished.
His father was gone. His mother had been taken as a distraction, dropped off not far from their home, but Brian’s father had simply vanished with no clues for the FBI to follow. Brian grew into man, his heart always having belonged to Sophie, but the memory of his father remained as well.
Brian and Sophia planned their wedding for months. Although they have been high school sweethearts and had been together for years, their excitement about their relationship never faded. All classmates knew that their love was genuine.
Sophia’s parents were well up than those of Brian; they bought her a vehicle as a birthday present. Every morning, she would pick up Brian, the love of his life, as they headed to school. Weekends were the best. They went out for ice cream, saw movies, and nurtured the love that grew between them
It seemed like a dream if not a joke, as the classmates’ gossiped saying that this was stupid of you. “Life is short party with everyone, now that you are not yet married,” do you remember the critics?
Welcome sweetheart. Sophia has also introduced me to her elder sisters. It was a joyous moment welcoming a young brother into the family. I think our wedding will be the best, following the fact that I have the support from my two sisters and mother. I pray to have a happy family. I wish our father was here.
I cannot believe that I get to marry you. They all made fun of us and called it puppy love. We prove that early love is sweet. My mother is happy for us, as they want the best from their son and you now as her daughter, so she promised to support this wedding.
Wonderful! I approached my mum privately asking her on how to treat my future husband. She was amused by the question, but it was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Act Three Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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