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Expanding Your Business - Essay Example

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The topic centers on setting up a second coffee shop location. The discussion includes guerrilla marketing, with emphasis on the marketing mix principles, precipitating to a higher demand for the…
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Expanding Your Business
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Download file to see previous pages Further, the company, The Coffee Shop, pricing for breakfast, lunch, and diner dish is pegged at an average of £10 per meal, including coffee. Coffee and other beverage prices include £ 2.60 for Espresso, £ 2.20 for Americano, £2.20 for Macciato, £2.20 for Cortado, £2.65 for Flat White, £ 2.65 for Latte, £ 2.60 for Cappuccino, £ 2.90 for Mocha, £ 290 for Hot Chocolate, £ 2.90 for Iced tea, and £ 2.90 for Iced Chocolate. The English breakfast prices include £ 7 bacon sandwich, £ 3.70 poached egg, £ 8 for has browns, £ 11 full breakfast, £ 7 Scottish smoked salmon and scrambled egg, and £ 10 Omelette meal. The breakfast menu includes £ 3 porridge, £ 4 strawberries and pears, £4 fruit mix breakfast, £ 2.50 grapefruit, and £ toasted bread £ 1.70. The customers can also savor the £ 12 hamburger or the stomach filling Longhorn Beef hamburger for £ 19.
Furthermore, the average cost of each menu choice is only 30 percent of the total menu price. The remaining 70 percent represents the amount allocated to paying for the expenses of running the business. The expenses include amount paid for electricity, water, and telephone expenses. The expenses also include the amount paid for the salaries of the coffee shop crew of five persons (Warren, 2009).
The company is expected to borrow funds to realize the dream of setting up a residential coffee shop. The amount of loan is twenty percent of the total business capital. With a total business investment of £ 60,000 pounds, the amount to be loaned is only £ 20,000. Consequently, the company will pay £ 1,000 interest per year for the use of the loan amount. The amount £ 60,000 will be used to prepare the residential unit for the coffee business. The total investment is composed of £ 40,000 investment by the sole proprietor and £ 20,000 loan amount (Noreen, 2008).
The balance sheet shows that the company uses the loan and the owner’s ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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