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Obama care or romney care.which care would you prefer and why (I prefer obama care) - Research Paper Example

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The present Healthcare system leaves many American citizens uninsured. In 2011, there are 48.6 million Americans that are left uninsured or without health insurance (U.S. Census Bureau,…
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Obama care or romney care.which care would you prefer and why (I prefer obama care)
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Extract of sample "Obama care or romney care.which care would you prefer and why (I prefer obama care)"

Obamacare over Romneycare Today, one of the biggest problems in the United s of America isits Healthcare program. The present Healthcare system leaves many American citizens uninsured. In 2011, there are 48.6 million Americans that are left uninsured or without health insurance (U.S. Census Bureau, 2012). That constitutes nearly 16% of its total population. Many argue that Healthcare is part of their rights and that the government should provide a comprehensive program that ensures that everyone is given an affordable health insurance.
Consequently, the healthcare programs of the two presidential candidates are the ones being spotlighted and scrutinized. U.S. President Barack Obama offers the Obamacare as the health care for America while former Massachusetts Governor Romney offers the “Romneycare” healthcare program. It is very important that the healthcare program of the winning president favors the people. That it solves the long time problem of the state and benefits all the Americans.
Many claim that Obamacare and Romneycare offer no difference. Though the two healthcare programs exhibit many similarities in their plan, they still hold key distinctions. These distinctions tend to show that Obamacare seems a lot more favorable to the American people. Healthcare programs concentrate on three main areas namely employer-provided insurance, Medicare for seniors and Medicaid for the poor.
While both programs require individuals to purchase their own health insurance, they offer different plans on Medicare. Romney offers a “premium support” method of paying health insurance while Obama opposes it and plans to cut the health budget while maintaining the healthcare benefits. Obama plans to cut $716 billion from health budget by reducing reimbursement to health care providers and cutting overpayments to health insurance companies (Burd). In the long run, Obama’s healthcare program can actually improve the healthcare system of the U.S. and its whole economy. While providing quality Medicare to its people, a large amount of money will be saved from cutting the healthcare budget that goes into waste. This will also solve one of the country’s biggest financial problems.
In addition, Romney claims that Obamacare is an inappropriate Healthcare program for the country and promises to replace it with his own Romneycare program. But then again, the Romneycare program includes many conditions that seem to be non-beneficial to its people. One of which is the Medicaid program which tends to provide health insurance subsidy for families with low incomes and resources. The Medicaid program will be handed over to the states with far less money. One point is that with less money for Medicaid, experts suggest that millions of American people will not benefit from the Medicaid (Cohn). In addition, the government will have little control on this provision which means that the provision merely depends on the competence of the states. By this, the government cannot ensure that most people, if not all, will get Medicaid. It is in contrast with Obamacare which makes healthcare accessible to everyone.
Therefore, Obamacare as health care for America evidently manifests many advantages over Romneycare. Romneycare offers less assurance that the people, especially poor people, will get access to healthcare which defeats the purpose of reform. Obamacare provides a healthcare program that is accessible to all Americans.
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