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Values and its impact on leadership theory and practices - Essay Example

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At the same time, the paper discusses how values are related to what leaders and organizations do in the competitive business…
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Values and its impact on leadership theory and practices
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Extract of sample "Values and its impact on leadership theory and practices"

Download file to see previous pages At the same time, values are affected by a number of internal and external factors that also affect the value creation process of organizations. Overall, it was summed that values are an integral part of leadership theories and practices.
Leadership has been one of the highly talked and researched topics in the business and social environment. Throughout, the history of business management and social empowerment, leadership has played an important and crucial role in guiding and motivating people in the right direction along with accomplishing desired mutual goals and objectives. Change is often considered as inevitable and must occur in order to maintain the pace with current and future social and business changes in different environments (Hackman, Wageman, 2005).
Throughout the history of mankind in terms of geographies, ethnicity and political boundaries; there have been a number of distinct differences among people in terms of values, thinking and perception. It was only after the 20th century that societies and people were learning from each other in terms of differences mainly because of the rise and advances in technologies and communication. However, in spite of all these, there has been a major clash in terms of values and perceptions when it comes to understanding each other and this has emerged as one of the most important concerns for business organsiations (House, 2004). This is where leadership has emerged as one of the most important tools in understanding people but at the same time leadership theories and practices are largely influenced and impacted by perceived values. The discussion aims to investigate the impact of values on leadership theories and practices.
For this purpose, a number of leadership theories have been discussed in a critical manner in order to ascertain the overall impact and influence of perceived values. Values can be personal or perceived often affected by the internal and external environment and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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