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Identifying Themes and Concerns For the Benefit of the Individual Business Manager - Assignment Example

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This paper 'Identifying Themes and Concerns For the Benefit of the Individual Business Manager" focuses on the fact that business management is a process driven by changes that highlight the gaps, brings in improvements and enhances the scope of business …
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Identifying Themes and Concerns For the Benefit of the Individual Business Manager
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Extract of sample "Identifying Themes and Concerns For the Benefit of the Individual Business Manager"

Download file to see previous pages Freeman (2010) mentioned that the business management process in the contemporary scenario is focused on strengthening both the internal and external aspects of the business. Concepts such as leadership are aligned with the organisational goals and sustainable practices are being brought in the business planning process for ensuring better results.
Sustainability, as defined by Jansson (2011), is the process of working in a manner by considering the future impact of the activities. Sustainable work practices ensure that the present needs are met without compromising the ability of future generations to fulfil their needs. (Mishra, 2009) mentioned that in the contemporary scenario, the corporate houses are focusing on reducing the environmental and social impacts of their activities in order to ensure a better scope for business operations. However, Paley (2009) criticised that business firms are also getting affected by the environmental and sustainable issues which are hampering the growth and development process of the business. The diminishing stock of resources is also creating barriers for operational and production processes of the business houses. On the other hand, Boulton, Libert & Samek (2009) reflected the vast resource wastage taking place in the global scenario both in social and corporate segments. Furthermore, Dentchev (2009) also noticed that the over-utilisation and under-utilisation of resources are also among the top causes which influence environmental sustainability.
Considering the environmental factors affecting the business process the aspect of water usage will be studied in this segment. The importance of water does not need to be explained however the general ignorance among the global population regarding water usage is the primary factor leading to water wastage. Ander & Kapoor (2010) stated that going by the current rate, people of the earth shall face water scarcity earlier then they face oil scarcity. One of the major consumers of water in the corporate sector is the energy industry. Every form of energy being produced is supported with water, the energy sector alone is responsible for 31.6% of the total water consumption by the corporate sector.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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