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The museum is located in Denver, Colorado. The museum is well known for its large collection of arts comprising of more than 68, 000 different art collections. During the month of February 2011, the museum opened up…
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Art reflection
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Art Reflection Denver Art Museum is one of the biggest museums in the country. The museum is located in Denver, Colorado. The museum is well known for its large collection of arts comprising of more than 68, 000 different art collections. During the month of February 2011, the museum opened up its exhibitions to the public after closing down for seven months. I attended the event on February 3, 2011, to see some of the museums great collection and meet great artists whereby I was so amazed by the exhibitions displayed on the walls of the museum.
The museum consisted of traditional Italian exhibits, traditional American exhibits, as well as Indian exhibits. I was particularly amazed by the traditional Indian exhibits, which were displayed on the walls of the museum. What amazed me most was a handmade craft of a man, which the Indians refer to as “Wild Man of the Woods.” The craft was made in 1900 and was in the past known as “Kwakiutl.” Willie Seaweed, an Indian carver who died in 1967, made the craft. This craft has played a major role in conserving the American Indian culture as well as conserving their natural history and anthropology. The craft has been preserved is an ethnographic pieces, which is an illustration of the culture in which the Indians associate themselves with. This craft amazed me more since it was new to me and I had not seen it before but I had read about it.
This event has played a huge role in changing my perception about the traditional Indian lifestyles. I believed that the Indians were more interested in music and had no passion for other forms of art. However, this artwork alongside many other artworks, which I came across, has changed my view on traditional Indian lifestyles. I have developed more interest and an inquest of their lifestyles. Read More
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