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'With reference to the serious case review, critically evaluate the failure of services in the case of Kyra Ishaq - Essay Example

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She was neglected by her mother and also by her partner i.e. stepfather (Birmingham Mail, 2010). It had been reported that she was suffering for…
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With reference to the serious case review, critically evaluate the failure of services in the case of Kyra Ishaq
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Extract of sample "'With reference to the serious case review, critically evaluate the failure of services in the case of Kyra Ishaq"

Download file to see previous pages This report is based on making an assessment of failure of services in the case of Khyra Ishaq. The objective of the report is to highlight missed opportunities which could have resulted in better outcome and might have helped to save the life of Khyra Ishaq.
The death of Khyra Ishaq was primarily suspected to be due to the failures of local services. The doctors across different activities were not in complete control of every fact as communication was hindered, misplaced or merely not commenced seriously. Any kind of significant decisions depend on individual services. In decision making, information sharing is a significant aspect and can determine the effectiveness of service provision. A significant number of neglected incidents related to the involvement by professionals have been observed in the death case of Khyra Ishaq (Macmillan Publishers Limited, 2012). The reason for such negligence was due to failure of proper administration to reach to the right divisions, failure to follow protection procedure and failure to undertake systematic evaluations to case closure, resulting in poor knowledge and information about the condition of Khyra Ishaq (Devon County Council, 2008).
Domestic mistreatment is one of the vital aspects found in the death case of Khyra Ishaq. It was estimated that in 2010, about 200,000 children living in the households of the UK were characterised by high level of domestic mistreatment and violence (Radford, 2010). These issues were prevalent in the case of Khyra Ishaq. Reviewing the case of Khyra Ishaq reveals the fact that information regarding domestic mistreatment and violence was not understood or shared by respective social agencies. The evaluation of condition of Khyra Ishaq was not satisfactorily rigour and strict. Family and environmental issues and child-rearing capability components had received slight or limited regard from every department of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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