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Human ressource explain the teachers power point - Essay Example

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According Daniels & Lynda (2), the management should enhance fairness at the workplace by paying employees equally. For example, pay should be reliant on productivity and not…
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Human ressource explain the teachers power point
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Extract of sample "Human ressource explain the teachers power point"

Task: Human resource Pay Equity (Comparable Worth) A significant strategy that enhances fairness within organizations is ensuring equitability in pay. According Daniels & Lynda (2), the management should enhance fairness at the workplace by paying employees equally. For example, pay should be reliant on productivity and not gender. Moreover, organizations should access individual’s productivity when devising pay plans. Daniels & Lynda (67) add that people undertaking similar duties in organizations should receive equal pay. Differences should not exist in the remuneration packages offered to employees. However, differences in gender still influence pay within modern organizations. For example, several companies discriminate against women in pay. In such cases, women receive less pay compared to their counterparts. This makes women the victims of discrimination in the workplace. This is an impediment to development in the society.
The equal pay Act discourages discrimination of varied forms in the society. However, it fails to enhance fairness because it advocates for uniform payment, which is discriminatory. The stipulations of the acts generalize pay for employees who undertake similar duties regardless of their productivity. The suggestion that equitable pay across genders is a step towards enhancing fairness in the society is neglected in the stipulations. According to Daniels & Lynda (68), the split between men and women is rising. This makes it difficult for employees to adhere to the requirements of equal pay act. According to the act, fairness in pay is paramount to the development of the society. However, productivity should determine pay for both genders. Organizations should differentiate pay for employees of different capabilities. This is because talent tends to create a balance across the gender divide.
A few individuals support the stipulation of equal pay act. According to the legislation, organizations should not discriminate against gender during payments. For example, all staff should receive equal pay regardless of their genders (Daniels & Lynda 66). However, there are factors such as seniority and productivity that should be considered when devising pay for employees in organizations.
The Equal Pay Act
According to the Act, employers should pay employees equally regardless of their genders. Employees undertaking similar duties within different departments should receive equal wages. Ideally, staff members participating in the management process should receive additional funds because of the complication arising from their duties. Organizations should motivate employees who exude exemplary performance at work (Daniels & Lynda 212). However, this violates the requirements of equal pay act. In some instances, remuneration packages are necessary for employees who produce quality work. Moreover, employees should be motivated when they increase the capacity of production.
Courts have ruled against the Act in numerous occasions because it neglects the factors that determine differences in pay. These factors include the level of understanding of employees, skills of the employee and the role of the employees in the organization. Educated employees receive higher pay compared to their counterparts who are less educated. The Act is misleading in several instances. Employees who exude enthusiasm while undertaking duties should receive pay that matches their efforts at the workplace. This highlights that attitude influences the rate of pay in organizations. Several factors influence pay in organizations. It is currently difficult to estimate individual’s worth in organizations, hence the difference in pay among staff who undertake similar duties. Productivity should determine pay of employees in organizations. According to Daniels & Lynda (22), working conditions influence productivity. Organizations should provide suitable working conditions to boost performance within organizations.
Work Cited
Daniels, Kathy., & Lynda, Macdonald. Equality, diversity and discrimination: a student text. London: Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. 2005. Print Read More
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