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Psychology - leadership question - Assignment Example

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Reading and analyzing the case of Todd McFarlane, we conclude that his abilities to work under pressure and to take risks proved to be his main success factors. He did not…
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Psychology - leadership question
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Your full full November 04, Psychology - Leadership Question Answer No Leaders like Todd McFarlane possess some key characteristics that distinguish them from other individuals. Reading and analyzing the case of Todd McFarlane, we conclude that his abilities to work under pressure and to take risks proved to be his main success factors. He did not lose heart by working for low wages for many hours during his early years. Getting 300 rejection letters could have easily drawn the focus of a normal individual away from his/her dreams. However, leaders like Todd McFarlane do not become depressed in any kind of stressful situation and continue working for the cause. Leaders like Todd McFarlane see challenges as opportunities and work hard to convert those opportunities into successful ventures for them. This is one of the main personality traits that distinguish successful leaders from other individuals. Moreover, visionary outlook, creativity, entrepreneurial approach, and willingness to take risks to control destiny also distinguish leaders from other individuals.
Answer No: 2
Global competition and technology advances have changed business conditions and leadership challenges in many ways. Today, almost every entrepreneur wants to expand his/her business to other markets to increase productivity and revenues, as well as to gain competitive advantage. Hiring a workforce that is able to understand different cultural, social, and business environments has become one of the main challenges for business entrepreneurs in today’s competitive global environment. “Attracting and retaining talent in todays very competitive world is something that a human capital practitioner cannot easily dismiss” (Mwaka). Therefore, business leaders not only focus on expanding their businesses but also on hiring a competitive and multicultural workforce. Moreover, leaders also need to make business owners and managers aware of incorporating the use of new technologies to improve the performance of their businesses, as well as to increase productivity both of which are essential for success in today’s competitive environment.
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Mwaka, Clayton. Common Challenges in Human Resource Management., 10 Aug. 2012. Web. 4 Nov. 2012. . Read More
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Psychology - Leadership Question Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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