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English - Evaluation on a restaurant - Essay Example

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Last Friday, me and my friends planned to go to a restaurant for lunch. We faced a couple of difficulties in finding a suitable restaurant. First, we had a limited budget which we could use for having lunch at a restaurant…
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English - Evaluation on a restaurant
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Extract of sample "English - Evaluation on a restaurant"

Your full full November 04, Evaluation of a Restaurant My is put here and I am a college student. Last Friday, me and my friends planned to go to a restaurant for lunch. We faced a couple of difficulties in finding a suitable restaurant. First, we had a limited budget which we could use for having lunch at a restaurant. Secondly, we did not have any idea about a restaurant where we could enjoy seafood at a reasonable price. After searching for such a restaurant for almost an hour on internet, we came to know about Ocean Prime Restaurant located at 1465 Larimer Street, Denver.
In this paper, we will evaluate the restaurant based on the three criteria that we set for evaluation. The thesis statement for this paper is, ‘to evaluate the pros and cons of the Ocean Prime, three criteria will be used: food choices must include a wide range of seafood with high nutritional value, the service staff must be efficient and well mannered, and the total cost must not exceed $20 per person’.
The first criterion used to evaluate the restaurant was that food must include a wide range of highly nutritional seafood dishes for seafood lovers.  I believe that the restaurant does very well in this regard. We ate Crab Wedge with Maytag Blue Cheese and Shellfish Cobb Salad and really liked them. Both dishes had good nutritional value as they contained high percentages of potassium, protein, and omega-3s. Some strengths of the restaurant in this regard include variety of signature salads, chicken and fish sandwiches, cocktails. However, a couple of weaknesses that we observed regarding this criterion included a little amount of extra vinegar in the Crab Wedge dish and unavailability of some main seafood dishes listed on the menu book.
The second criterion used to evaluate the restaurant was that service staff should be well mannered and efficient.  I believe that the restaurant did not meet this criterion to full extent. The reason is that there were just 4 to 5 waiters for 12 to 14 tables. Each waiter was serving more than two groups of visitors at a time which made it difficult for them to serve each visitor properly. However, they were all well mannered and dealt with visitors very courteously. Therefore, the strength of the restaurant in this regard was its well-behaved service staff, whereas the weakness was its shortage of service staff to serve a large number of visitors.
The second criterion used to evaluate the restaurant was that the total cost must not exceed $20 per person. The restaurant’s rates were economical as compared to most of the other seafood restaurants located in that city. The lunch at that restaurant charged us 15 dollars per person. The rates of all other dishes mentioned in the menu book were also relatively less than other restaurants and cafes. Therefore, I think the restaurant met this criterion very effectively.
Considering all aspects, the Ocean Prime Restaurant is a good choice for seafood lovers. Ambience, menu, and prices are the main attractive features of this restaurant. Although there exist some weaknesses, such as, shortage of service staff and lack of availability of some main dishes in the restaurant, but they are unable to overshadow the considerable aspects of high quality food, low prices, and ambience of the restaurant. In the end, I would like to suggest visitors to visit the restaurant early during lunch hours to escape from the problem of shortage of service staff.
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English - Evaluation on a Restaurant Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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