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System Programming - Essay Example

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This research is aimed at proving a hypothesis “with the improvements in the tools provided with or available for modern operating systems, the need to write scripts to assist in administering or investigating computer systems has been significantly reduced or even…
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System Programming
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Download file to see previous pages This paper discusses the arguments of various researchers to prove this hypothesis.
Without a doubt, at the present, operating systems come with a wide variety of tools and applications which have been more and more improved with the passage of time so the need to write scripts to assist in performing tasks and operations on computer systems has been significantly reduced. However, it has not been eliminated. In fact, there are still a wide variety of tasks and activities which cannot be completed until we develop or write a new code or script for the computer system. For instance what if you are not using computer and we are outside the office and we want an application or script which allows us to perform the same operations while staying far from our office and there are so many other similar cases where we need to develop innovative scripts. Though, an operating system comes with the entire functionality and its tools and applications are continuously improving with the passage of time but there are still many things missing. This paper will discuss this hypothesis in detail and will show that there are still numerous tasks which can only be performed by writing new scripts using latest programming applications.
One of the well-known operating systems is the Windows operating system, which offers a solid foundation for all of the workload and application needs at the same time as being straightforward to install and administer. Additionally, most recent Virtualization tools, management improvements, Web resources, and thrilling Windows integration help minimize expenditures save time, and offer a platform for a dynamic and competently managed data center (Microsoft Corporation, 2012).
One of the primary objectives of any operating system is to provide its users with an easy and fair access to computing and communication resources through the applications that will execute on top of it. Hence, in an attempt to accomplish similar ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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