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My Goals Along with Rational Understanding - Admission/Application Essay Example

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 The writer of this essay discusses his many qualities that enabled me to become a successful person in his capacity until now. The writer of this essay considers learning about mathematics and actuarial sciences as a career, he has conducted thorough research about the faculty of an institution…
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My Goals Along with Rational Understanding
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Extract of sample "My Goals Along with Rational Understanding"

Running Head: Personal ment Personal ment [Institute’s Personal ment Since centuries, humans have progressed and evolved from the Stone Age to contemporary era of science and modern technology. During this evolution, every individual has been unique in his own perspectives, capabilities, as well as drawbacks. Moreover, individuals and particularly, nations developed successfully that were able to benefit from their strengths and abilities while overcoming their weaknesses in an efficient manner. Similarly, I am lucky to have many qualities that enabled me to become a successful person in my capacity until now. In specific, during my life, confidence has been the most influential factor that played the role of a facilitator to help me in achieving my goals along with rational understanding. At the same time, like every individual, I tackled few flaws during my life; however, confidence and self-esteem were efficient in turning them into my potentials. In brief, integration of strengths and weaknesses has designed me into a realistic and successful individual in the field, and I believe that these attributes will be beneficial for me, as well as people around me in the life ahead.
Besides gratitude to acquire so many blessings, it is essential for an individual to act sensibly as well along with having some ambitions and goals, and thus, education is one of the platforms that provide learning and guidance, essential to use strengths in a more effective manner. Abovementioned is one of the reasons of my application in your reputable institution that will facilitate me in pursuing career in mathematics, and especially, actuarial sciences. I have carried out extensive research regarding the actuary profession, and I have confidently attained tremendous respect and admiration for this area of expertise that is playing an influential and leading role in a number of fields.
I am a confident individual with enthusiasm to confront challenges in life, since childhood learning until now; I have continued to tackle challenges and achieved my goals with the help of rational educational guidance. I believe that mathematics is the most imperative subjects and achievements of human race that has a role to play in every organization, every field, and even, mathematics has been contributive in basis of human life. After my college, I got the opportunities to interact with high school students and teach them mathematics in Korea, and this experience has been very beneficial for my comprehensive understanding of different aspects of mathematics that makes me a potential applicant for your reputable institution.
In addition to benefits, teaching mathematics was a challenge for me as well, as before that, I took mathematics as a student; however, to be a teacher was a challenge that brought enormous alterations in my personality as well that will be valuable for my prospective classmates at USC. All such opportunities and experiences allowed me to acquire a number of academic awards in the subject of mathematics that have been very inspirational in continuing my passions for this field. Besides learning about mathematics and actuarial sciences as a career, I have conducted thorough research about the faculty and learning modules of your reputable institution and the high-quality teaching standards have impressed me enormously.
Furthermore, I am aware of requisites and efforts that I will have to put during this educational journey, and I am immensely confident to fulfill my ambition that will enable to contribute constructively for a positive development in my family, my community, the global society, and myself as well. Lastly, with much that I have achieved until now and strong dedication to achieve more, I assure to pursue actuarial sciences career in an efficient and disciplined manner. I will be very grateful, if your reputable institution will admit me to study my dreamed degree. Finally, I thank you very much for your kind attention to my application. Read More
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(My Goals Along With Rational Understanding Admission/Application Essay)
My Goals Along With Rational Understanding Admission/Application Essay.
“My Goals Along With Rational Understanding Admission/Application Essay”, n.d.
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