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The author expects that providing childcare in the workplace could improve the employees’ productivity and enhance their performance, and in…
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Article Review for Benefits of offering childcare in the workplace for employees
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Extract of sample "Article Review for Benefits of offering childcare in the workplace for employees"

Article Review for “Benefits of offering childcare in the workplace for employees” The explains the significance of the provision of childcare in the workplace and its effects on the employees’ performance. The author expects that providing childcare in the workplace could improve the employees’ productivity and enhance their performance, and in effect, increase company profitability. The principle reasons for this premise are that parents often cannot bear the financial burden of sending their children to a private childcare center, and many such centers are full. In addition, the author claims that some parents find parenting difficult and need extra support in raising their children.
The main purpose of the research is to discover the relationship between providing childcare in the workplace and employee productivity. It is a well-written, well organized article with a meaningful research aim, relevant to the field of workplace childcare. However, there is a definite need for a summary review of the literature to provide a current context for the research which examines the need for childcare in the workplace. The author uses a narrative method to describe all the issues that surround the provision of childcare, and also cites examples to illustrate the effects of some of these issues. There is, however, a tendency to mention general points, and the author does not quote from any previous academic research. The article is not sufficiently justified either by statistics or evidence from a questionnaire or survey. There are no facts or figures, and there is no quotation from secondary studies.
The author uses a number of points to prove the aforementioned premise. There is, for example, a great benefit for mothers who have babies and very young children. These women can return to work earlier and maintain close contact with their children in their lunch breaks. The children are close at hand, and so this means that there is less absenteeism, because workers can check on their children throughout the day if they are worried about them. Another factor to consider is the issue of lateness. Employees who have to drive their children to a childcare center far away are often late for work. Having a childcare facility in the workplace is much better. Parent and child arrive at the same time and they only have one journey together.
There are some disadvantages for the employer in having a childcare center. It is expensive to run, and there are also maintenance costs. Insurance can be expensive for employers. Overall, however, the benefits for employers and employees are greater than the costs. Employees work more effectively when they know that their children are nearby and when the arrangements for childcare are easy and quick.
In conclusion, therefore it is clear that the article makes some useful points and describes the general issues surrounding childcare at work very well. Unfortunately, however, it is rather vague, because of the lack of academic study behind the work. Because of this weakness in the author’s method, it is difficult to know for sure how valid the conclusions are.
Roberts, E 2010, Benefits of offering childcare in the workplace for employees, October, 16, 2012,
Alia Ibrahim
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