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Prevention of HIV among black African men under 30s in UK - Essay Example

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According to the national AIDS association, In UK, about 91,500 men in this age bracket were diagnosed with HIV in the year 2010. By 2011, the number of the new…
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Extract of sample "Prevention of HIV among black African men under 30s in UK"

Download file to see previous pages This has made this category of individuals to be considered a high risk group. This campaign will address all the ways in which HIV/ AIDS is transmitted.
For this reason, a HIV support group is calling out for all men in this category to take part in the HIV support activities. These activities are geared towards helping men in ages between 30 and 34 improve their health styles especially in the enhancement of their immunity. The information is available on the televisions, social media, and in offices of the National Health Service. The campaign focuses on a number of interventions. To mention but a few is the use of condoms in the prevention of HIV/AIDS transmission. In this respect, the campaign involves, a number of timely interventions that would help avoid further infection. The campaign is also geared towards teaching the target group the importance of knowing their HIV/AIDS status. First one should develop a feeling that he would avoid a negative condition of health. Then, one develops positive expectations that through following a recommended action, he would be avoiding a certain negative condition of health. Next, one understands that he can take a recommended action of health successfully. Additionally, the participants would also be taught how to check for HIV symptoms. This would be done through checking whether one has a common attack of the opportunistic diseases, or loss of weight.
All the activities of the campaign would help men of this group to improve their HIV health styles. If men of ages between 30 to 34 practise the recommended interventions, they will protect their own health together with that of their beloved ones. No member of this group should miss the campaign activities since different HIV supporting activities would be offered. Your participation will considerably be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Prevention of HIV Among Black African Men under 30s in UK Essay.
“Prevention of HIV Among Black African Men under 30s in UK Essay”, n.d.
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