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Writing Response 9: Annotated Bibliographies - Essay Example

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Respondent A came from France while respondent B came from Germany. I intentionally had my respondents come from different backgrounds so that my essay will have a diversified point of view compared…
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Writing Response 9: Annotated Bibliographies
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Extract of sample "Writing Response 9: Annotated Bibliographies"

Topic: International Summation of Interview The persons I interviewed with for this essay came from a varying background. Respondent A came from France while respondent B came from Germany. I intentionally had my respondents come from different backgrounds so that my essay will have a diversified point of view compared to mine. Both respondent A and B were introduced to me by a common friend in the campus. Since both are students at the university they readily accepted my invitation for interview knowing that it will be used in an essay class.
I did not have difficulty in making my respondents agree for an interview because I felt that they too are eager to share their experiences in school. On my end, I prepared my questionnaires in a manner that I would be able to see and hopefully write their perspectives about the school and studying in the US in general from their vantage point. I could tell they are excited about the interview because they came in earlier than our appointed time and was very eager to have the interview started.
My interview revolved on attempting to see the university from their eyes who grew up in a different culture and hopefully, to be able to relate on what they think and feel that I would be able to write them adequately.
This interview about them is an experience for me as it is for them. To some extent, it was an educational experience and can be said that it widened my horizon. For one, I did not know that in Germany, beer and alcohol is in fact celebrated. Not that I am interested to try, it is just I am amazed how different people sees things. Same with the respondent from France who likes variety in dresses which is entirely different from other places in the world.
Questions in the interview
1. What was the biggest difference they saw in the university compared to schools or society they came from what adjustments they did? Was the difference dramatic or negligible?
2. What was the biggest adjustment they had to make when they came in the United States? In this university? Was the adjustment hard? Did you have to change your lifestyle just to adjust?
3. How are you doing so far? Are doing well in school? In extra currilar activities? Do you have social clubs or any organizations you join with other than school?
4. How do you spend your spare time here in the university? In US in general? Are there any hobbies that you found interesting here in the US that you are currently engaged with?
5. With all the experiences that you have as an international student, how do you like your stay in the US so far? In the university? Did you enjoy your stay for you to recommend it to your family and friends or you prefer not to talk about it? Read More
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Writing Response 9: Annotated Bibliographies Essay - 1.
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