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(LOVE) The Nature and Meaning of Work in American Society - Annotated Bibliography Example

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This principle is as well embraced by not only the American citizens but also the immigrants from across the world. The government…
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(LOVE) The Nature and Meaning of Work in American Society
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Download file to see previous pages The government has as well instituted policies to reduce the level of unemployment among its citizens. Therefore the nature of work in the American society has been emphasized to confine within the provision of the constitution to safeguard the life and safety of its citizens. Activities that take cognizance of values, tradition, morals and principles of American society are highly valued to constitute as meaningful work in America.
The culture in American society places high value in the meaning of work especially because it’s considered as the main source of livelihood. Work is the tool that has placed the Americans as the most successful people in the world economically. America is the considered as the world’s leading economic power which has translated to super power in all aspects. Initially the meaning of work was considered as just an activity to earn livelihood, however this definition has changed over time with various aspects of meaning growing markedly over recent years. Work has been considered in relation to ones identity, factors shaping work as well as how comfortable individuals are in their jobs.
This website is titled “The Good Work Commission; The Meaning of Work” written by Stephen Overell. The author of this article is credited with offering various policies and recommendations in America for work related problems. He is the Associate Director of the work foundation which is involved with research based studies and analysis, policy advice as well as knowledge exchange especially on work related matters. They target organizations, regions, cities and economies through a well elaborated research analysis and recommend the best practices for employment related issues. The sites’ agenda is to promote work values that are acceptable, inherent and beneficial not only to the employers but employees as well. This site is legitimate in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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((LOVE) The Nature and Meaning of Work in American Society Annotated Bibliography)
(LOVE) The Nature and Meaning of Work in American Society Annotated Bibliography.
“(LOVE) The Nature and Meaning of Work in American Society Annotated Bibliography”, n.d.
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